May 30, 2016

Wearing A Crop Jacket

jacket: Mui Mui
Top: H&M
Jeans: Seven
Becoming a stay at home mom with little man, most of my nice things stayed in the closet gathering dust. After being sick and tire of looking frumpy for a while, I am beginning to explore my wardrobe for options and ways to dress to fit my life now but with some style. I don't know about you but dressing up really makes me feel better for the day. One thing that I like to do now is to polish up my outfit with jackets instead of a sweater cardigan or a sweater shirt. Since I am about 5'4", I prefer shorter style jacket to give me additional height. A longer jacket will weight down my petite height.

Over the weekend, I took little man shopping for his bed. Yes, we are getting a big boy bed. Well that another story. I want to be comfortable and casual but still polish. To be comfortable, I threw on a pair of ripped jean with grey tee. To make the outfit more polish, I threw on a short color-block jacket to achieve a more tailored look. I love my new style now. I feel I am back to my old-self.
pulled my hair up to a messy bun
To complete the look, I threw on a pair of black leather flat espadrilles for walking purpose. After all, a mom needs to be comfortable first. With this being said, you might ask what other ways can one wear a crop jacket? I am looking forward to try short jackets with:
1. maxi dress 
2. with jeans and tee (replacing role of a cardigan)
3. with polish pants for a more elegant going out ready/office ready look
4. over a dress so it's dinner/night out ready from the office or daytime event
Chanel espadrilles
What about you, are you a fan of crop jackets?? 

~xoxo Angela

May 27, 2016

Comfy Stylish Grey Cardigan

Throw on and go 
I have always adored comfy stylish clothes, but after becoming a mom, it has become of vital importance. I want to look stylish and savvy but I also want to save time as a tot is not going to wait around patiently while mommy get dress. Recently I am totally in adoration with grey and blue. It's just so easy to throw on a casual grey cardigan with jeans and call it a day.

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When I shop now, I like to find easy pieces that are interesting. I bought this grey cardigan from Ted Baker a few years ago solely for the drape look in the back. It is casual but sooooo chic!
love the drape detail in the back
Easy tote + hair bun
Classic shoes
I am loving the grey cardigan so much that I went online to try to find another one or two for myself for the cooler summer nights in SoCal and to transition over to fall. I found 4 that I like and these won''t break the bank at all. Yay!  The first 2 are my picks, especially the one on the right. What do you think?
both at Nordstrom
Left Splendid Jersey Cardi Sale $54.60
Right Drapy Throw on Cardi $78
Left by Urban Outfitter sale $29.99
Right by J Jill $49.99

May 23, 2016

Easy No More Flat Head Low Ponytail in 60 Seonds

Okay so I blame my flat head entirely on my mother's fear of  her first baby suffocating which might lead to infant death. Joking!! I do have a flat head which makes hair styling difficult at times. For example, a low ponytail never looked elegant on me before this technique. I avoided low ponytail for the longest time, always looking at gals with beautiful low ponytail with envy.  Nowadays, I sport low ponytail quite often because this style is so easy and my head in the back has volume! Yay!!!

~xoxo Angela