Lighting Up

Before I started our house remodeling, I didn't pay much attention to the effect of lighting in a home. However, after visiting numerous model homes and open houses for inspirations, I realized the reason these places look so different from our average homes was the amount and the type of lighting used in the space. Instead of the regular light bulbs, I see lots of halogen lights which are brighter and whiter. As result, that particular space becomes brighter and more inviting. When we were putting in lights for our home, we installed halogen lights to make the space brighter and whiter like many model homes.
Last month, the nice folks at GE offered me to try out their new reveal 75W halogen light bulbs free of charge. Know what I know already, I jumped at the chance. I really prefer the house to fill with bright white light instead of yellow glow from regular light bulbs. Some may see yellow glow as being warmer, but it is more gloomy in my humble opinion. I used my phone to snap 2 pictures and uploaded without editing to show the actual difference between regular light bulb on the left and the new GE reveal on the right. The picture on the right is definitely whiter and brighter, mimicking sunny day light. 
Regular bulb
GE Halogen Light
What about you, which do you prefer?

Picking Out the Right Engagement Ring

When it comes to  diamond engagement rings, I always thought that I am one of those gals that knows exactly what she wants when it is the time to pick one out. I became the most indecisive person ever. What I thought I wanted was my last choice and a big disappointment in the end and what I didn't want in the beginning made me the happiest gal. Ironic uh!!!

From my own experience and talking to other gal pals, I found that it is important to:
1. Try on different ring styles, keep an open mind and don't be afraid to ask questions.
2. Communicate with your partner about likes and dislikes.  Mr. Savvy insisted I pick out the ring style of choice. He said my happiness is the most important factor. I think he is afraid if I don't like it, he might have to buy me another ring. ~Smile.
3. Do your research about 4 C's: color, clarity, carat, and cut. If possible, personally inspect the rock first as not all diamonds are created equal even with the same specifications.
4. Know one's priority regarding 4's given a the budget. I picked color, cut, carat and then clarity.
5. Given I spend so much effort on the main rock, I also made up all the side stones matches in color and clarity so everything looks uniform.
6. I had my ring custom made which allowed me to size to my finger exactly down to a quarter size.
How did you pick out your ring? Was it a surprise or did you pick the style yourself?

Shoe Shopping......

Whenever I am in Asia, I love to find interesting fashion pieces at very savvy prices. After all, being fashionable does not mean one has to spend a ton of money. Recently I noticed a lot of manufacturers are selling to consumers directly online, offering rather attractive prices by cutting out the middleman. Several gal pals spend hour treasure hunting online this way. As for me, I found these boots at Sammy Dress. I can't believe the most expensive pair is only $27. I can literally buy all 5 pairs and not feel guilty at all. Even though we are still in the middle of summer, can you tell I am already for fall?

My favorite pair is the lace up open work boots here. Isn't it just so edgy and stylish? At only $25, I don't care if I only wear it once or twice for party or a special day out.
Which pair do you like the most??

One Room, Two Seating Areas

Since we began planning our new home remodel, Mr. Savvy and I spend many weekends visiting model homes for ideas figuring why not take inspiration from professionals instead of us running around like a chicken without a head. It would be awful to spend a lot of money on a remodel only for the end result to be ugly. On such a visit, I saw how a great room was divided into 2 seating areas by placing 2 couches back to back. Previously, I would either divide the room into two separate configuration of furniture pieces or placing couches, table, seating bench, table and couch to create 2 seating areas.

With the couches back to back, even a smaller space can be divided into 2 areas by using smaller scale pieces. In the picture above, one couch is facing the TV and the other couch with coffee table and seating squares is facing the open kitchen. This way, the occupants can all be in the same room while enjoying their own activities. What do you think?

Current Favorite: DHC Cleansing Oil

I have been meaning to write about this not so new product for a long time but everything in my life seems to get in its way. Before this, I used to swear by Shu Uemura cleansing oil only. When a gal pal recommended this, I was slightly skeptical. However, with my usual enthusiasm with beauty products, I will try almost anything once. I ordered a bottle DHC Deep Cleasing Oil from Skin Care Rx. After first use, I recommended Savvy Mom and Sis to switch their brands. I love how it easily removes waterproof mascara and everything else from my face. I literally would just wash my face with warm water and pat dry. Afterward, my skin feels soft and clean without any trace of oiliness. If anyone is looking for a new makeup remover, I highly recommend this at only $26 for 6.7 oz. What is your favorite makeup remover?
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