Jul 25, 2016

Healthy Start Giveaway: Suja Organic Juice

As I "mature" (aka getting older... haha....), staying healthy and active have become really important, especially I have a young child. I want to provide a healthy lifestyle for our entire family. When Suja offered to sent me products to test, I was slightly skeptical. Before accepting the product, I did a little research first and found great things about the company. Also if the company is on Forbes list for most promising company, I say they have something and I am more comfortable trying the product. Hub kinda scoffed at the juice until he tried it. Initially he said "okay it's sorta good." By day 3 he was drinking one in the morning daily. We have tried this for about a week now and I must say I do like it. This juice is extracted using cold pressed method instead of high heat pressure, very savvy. This way all the nutrients remain intact, at least this is from all the reading I have done regarding coconut juice.

Anyhoo, I like ones with more fruit elements while hub absolutely adore juice with more green elements. This is the exciting part, Suja is gracious to extent to 3 Savvy Mode followers an opportunity to try for themselves. Unfortuniately due to the nature of the product, only US residents please.  Go to Savvy Mode Instagram to enter, (HERE).  Good luck! I am really happy with the product and will be buying more out of pocket in the future. I hope the winners will like it as much as us.  ~xoxo Angela

Jul 13, 2016

Hermes Scarf as a Halter Top in 30 Seconds

I love to find new and interesting ways to wear scarves for the beautiful pop of colors. A gal just can't go out and find a top that offers this type of print and colors. Since Hermes scarves are pricey, I try to  find various ways to use it to bring the cost per wear down. One of my favorite mode is to wear it as a halter top in the summer or under a jacket during cooler months.
Recently I am also into denim on denim which in my younger days would be a total faux pas. Again never say never as I am adoring mom jeans now too. These are just so comfortable. I don't care if tot tug and pull at me, I know my jeans are safe and snug.
How To:

-The scarf should be at least 35 inch. The bigger the scarf, the longer you will be able to wear it. At 35 inch, the top will tie around my natural waist. A gal with longer torso or a taller gal may need a larger scarf if desire more coverage.
-Fold into a triangle with printed side facing out
-Slip a scarf ring or ring into the tip of the triangle (the side with the 90 degree angle)
-Pull out enough to tie a secure knot around the neck
-Take the two end and tie a secure knot around the back.
I can't wait to try other modes. How do you like to wear your scarf?

Jul 9, 2016

6 Easy Finger Food for Parties & Brunches

As a savvy hostess, I tried to entertain smarter so I can spend more time with guests instead slaving over a hot stove in the kitchen. Usually I try to prepare luxurious looking food that are easy to prepare.  I am a big fan of smoke salmon because everyone seems to always enjoy this and it is quite stylish when presented well.  Over the years, I find myself going back to the following finger food dishes over and over again!