Oct 2, 2017

Jord Cora Watch: Style & Function

For sometimes now I have been hankering for a new watch.  However I didn’t want to just buy another watch for buying sake. When the savvy folks over at Jord offer to send me a watch of choice for review, I was slightly hesitant because I wanted to honestly say I like the product instead of sugar coating because I feel I should.
After looking over the different wood watch lines the company has to offer, I changed my mind because I fell in adoration with the Cora watch for the open display. Also I was completely amazed that an automatic watch is priced so reasonably. I love the aqua color face which pairs so organically with the wood finish. For me, this watch is the perfect balance between style and utility. I find myself treating this watch as a piece of wooden jewelry that happens to tell time, how great is that. The colored face adds a pop of color year round for me since I am in grey and blue most of the time.
I find myself playing with the watch because I can see the open case. ~Smile

Overall, I am really happy with the quality and finishes. The watch has substance but not overly heavy for daily usage. I know I can’t take my new watch diving like my other watches but it’s fabulous for everyday use, which I am looking forward to pairing this with my outfits. I would definitely recommend this line for anyone interested in a unique wood watch.
For those who would like a chance to win $100 gift code toward a purchase of a watch, enter my giveaway here. One will win but everyone will receive a $25 gift code, expiring 11/30/2017. Giveaway will run until 10/29/2017. Good luck! ~ xo Angela

Luxury Wooden Watch

Aug 20, 2016

Crudo by Pascal Lorange

For hub's early birthday luncheon, I took him to Crudo by Pascal Lorange. Crudo in Italian means raw. Mr. Lorange was the executive chef and the force behind Fig & Olive, another favorite of mine. We been waiting for weeks for the restaurant to open and it did not disappoint us. The staff was really helpful. We arrived early thinking the restaurant opened at 11 AM. While waiting, we were given menu first and in the end the manager had us seated at 11:20 AM because he didn't want to us wait outside anymore.
Lunch at Crudo
The interior of the restaurant reminds me of Fig & Olive. It was hard trying to manage tot and take pictures at the same time. The space is painted in a warm white with medium color wood floor with lots of white linens and orchids, very transquil and peaceful. Of course tot spilled water on the white linen the moment we give him the glass. I was so glad we were so early for lunch.
After ordering, our server brought us this dipping sauce. It is balsamic vinegar and soy sauce on one side and chili and lemon on the other side. I mixed everything together and it was divine. I am looking forward to trying this at home.
Salmon Crudo
Instead of ordering main entree, we ordered 4 appetizer dishes to share which worked out great. We got salmon crudo, tuna carpaccio, duck breast and fois gras roll and lobster carpaccio. I like all the raw dishes, I am still on the fence about the roll.
Tuna Carpaccio
Besides citrus flavor, there is a hint of truffle oil in the mix. I love it!!!
Lobster Carpaccio
Kids Menu: Chicken Waffle with Fries $12
The restaurant is quite kid friendly with a great menu for little ones. In the end tot didn't care for the chicken waffle, although I thought it was quite yummy. I should have order chicken or fish nuggets or pizza. Sigh.... Kids menu is $12 but keeping tot occupied with dessert is just priceless.

Cookie Decor
I ordered ice cream which came with cookie that he decorated himself. He was so excited to eat all the colorful sprinkles and M&M. Sigh... Mommy had to step in and help. I usually don't let him eat these types of sweets so he gets rather excited. Regardless it was a great experience and thoughtful of the restaurant. For those with older kids, this will definiltely be a fun dessert. Heck, I would have fun!
Tot was too full to eat his lunch after a handful of fries but not his dessert. All in all, we all enjoyed lunch immensely. I would definitely go back for another early lunch or early dinner seated in the patio area so we don't disturb other diners. Although the restaurant is totally children friendly but tot at age 2 maybe not be quite suitable for dinner there yet. For dinner there, I would definitely have our sitter look after tot so hub and I can enjoy a nice long dinner together. Looking forward to our next meal there. I am so glad hub and I have the same hobby: Eating!

~xoxo Angela

Jul 25, 2016

Healthy Start Giveaway: Suja Organic Juice

As I "mature" (aka getting older... haha....), staying healthy and active have become really important, especially I have a young child. I want to provide a healthy lifestyle for our entire family. When Suja offered to sent me products to test, I was slightly skeptical. Before accepting the product, I did a little research first and found great things about the company. Also if the company is on Forbes list for most promising company, I say they have something and I am more comfortable trying the product. Hub kinda scoffed at the juice until he tried it. Initially he said "okay it's sorta good." By day 3 he was drinking one in the morning daily. We have tried this for about a week now and I must say I do like it. This juice is extracted using cold pressed method instead of high heat pressure, very savvy. This way all the nutrients remain intact, at least this is from all the reading I have done regarding coconut juice.

Anyhoo, I like ones with more fruit elements while hub absolutely adore juice with more green elements. This is the exciting part, Suja is gracious to extent to 3 Savvy Mode followers an opportunity to try for themselves. Unfortuniately due to the nature of the product, only US residents please.  Go to Savvy Mode Instagram to enter, (HERE).  Good luck! I am really happy with the product and will be buying more out of pocket in the future. I hope the winners will like it as much as us.  ~xoxo Angela