Easy Tomato Rice With Beef and Mushroom

Recently all my gal pals are making this tomato rice in the rice cooker that is circulating online. Out of curiosity, I made it for dinner a couple of weeks ago. It was super easy and quite delicious. I used 1 tomato with 1.5 cup of rice. Season the rice with salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Cook rice as directed on package but decrease amount of water slightly to account for the liquid in the tomato. If not, it is not a big deal. Finished rice will just be slightly more moist but delicious regardless. I usually don't add much salt and pepper initially, waiting until rice is cooked to do final tasting.
Once rice and tomato are cooked, stir all the ingredients together. I will do final tasting with salt and pepper, even adding a little more olive oil if needed. With this rice, one can also add other ingredients to cook with rice to make it a true one pot meal.
For this particular dinner, I cooked basic tomato rice and served with seared steak and saute mushroom. I have on another occasion cook tomato rice with mushroom and baby scallops. So far, this easy rice dish is a hit whenever I served it to family and friends. I can't wait to try other ingredients to add to my one dish meal recipes. 

Red Velvet Macadamia Cookies

Savvy Sis once said that no one is perfect. If we are to compare ourselves to a rainbow then everyone of us rainbow has a color missing. For her, it was cooking. for me then cooking must be the missing color. Recently, Savvy Sis showed me a quick way to make cookies at home. After seeing her cookies, I got a package of red velvet cake mix and whipped up a batch of cookies while Savvy Babe slept away peacefully.

It was actually super easy. One just needs:
-One package cake mix
-1/3 cup vegetable oil
-one egg

*I used butter instead of veggie oil.

After mixing all ingredients together, wait 5-10 minutes to get the batter set for easier handling. Form one inch balls and place on cookie sheet about 2 inch apart. Bake 375 degree for 12-14 minutes. I usually wait until I can smell the cookies, then I know it is done. Wait a couple of minutes and remove to cool on cooling rack. 

I wanted to see if flatten the ball will cause the cookies to bake differently. Both batches of cookies baked nicely and there was not much difference once the cookies cooled down.
I love macadamia nuts, so I chopped up 1/2 cup to add into these cookies.

These cookies are soft and chewy, which is just right up my ally.  Has anyone made cookies with cake mix before?

Lego Theme Room

As an auntie of Lego fans and mommy of a future Lego fan, I totally fell in adoration with this room. When Savvy Baby is ready for a big boy room, this gal will have so much fun decorating, with his help of course.  Thinking outside of the box, instead of a traditional side table, this designer used Husky tool chest (ONLY $109 each) as bedside table which will fit any car/plane themed room. When it is no longer needed, these can be recycle as tool chests in the garage.
This Lego themed car bedroom is not too difficult to achieve. It is cute without going over the top.  To further enhance the Lego theme, I would glue Lego pieces around picture frames for the wall and on the tables.  Or, use Lego :pieces to spell out a name or words on the wall. What is your dream theme room?

Smoke Salmon Arugula Salad

As I am always looking for easy and quick meals, this arugula and smoke salmon salad definitely fits the bill. This can be a first salad course or serve as main course by adding chucks of avocado and a side of hearty bread.  Simply toss together arugula, olive oil, a little lemon juice, and salt/pepper to taste. Top the green with as much or little smoke salmon as you like. I like to use . To be a little more adventurous, toss arugula with honey mustard dressing. I like to punch up the flavor with adding a little horseradish in the dressing.  It is absolutely delicious with the salmon. What is your favorite way of eating smoke salmon?

Easy Brunch Entertaining: Salmon Spread, Yogurt Parfait & Homemade Waffle

Pre-baby days, I used to enjoy weekend outing with friends. Instead of going out, I figured I would bring company to me instead so I am not trapped at home with Savvy Baby. This way I get company without the harassment of an impatient baby. Brunch is my favorite meal to serve because it worked perfectly with Savvy Baby sleeping schedule. To make these occasions special, I came up with a few dishes that is easy and pleasing to all the guests.
Smoke salmon spread: chopped smoke salmon into tiny pieces, mix with minced red onion, capers, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Let rest in fridge for 30 minute and serve with crackers, toasted bread or over bagel.
Since brunch is so early in the day, some guests may still prefer lighter breakfast. I love fresh fruits with yogurt and crunch granola cereal topping with dried berries.
Last but my personal favorite: homemade waffle. We got a waffle maker as a wedding gift. Since then Sunday waffle has become a regular. I used Bisquick brand but instead of oil, I used butter which made the waffle more crispy on the outside. I like having guest make their own waffles which itself is a fun activity for all the guests. Usually I will make extra  to enjoy for the rest of the week as breakfast, lunch or dessert. 
What about you, how do you entertain at home?