Jun 1, 2016

Hermes Scarf into a Jacket in 30 Seconds....

Living in sunny San Diego, we get to enjoy the sun almost year round. However once the night hits, it does get chilly especially we live pretty close to the beach. This is why I always leave a 36 inch scarf in my bag. First of all, it take almost zero space and when in use, silk keeps the body warm.
I just love the beautiful print on scarves, especially Hermes scarf. Once I was fortunate enough to see first hand the print making process and it was amazing the amount of work and time needed to make one scarf. If I am to buy a jacket with this beautiful details and colors, it would cost a lot more than the price of a scarf at Hermes.
On chill summer nights, my arms and shoulders are now warm and cozy.
simple direction
Super easy direction:
Change a scarf into a small jacket in 30 seconds. 
Just tie the 2 ends on the same side into secure double knots and done!

~xoxo Angela

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