Jun 15, 2016

Great Anniversary: Addison @ The Grand Del Mar

Normally hub and I are not about spending hundreds on a meal. However we heard so much about Addison and it was our anniversary so we thought why not. Honestly the meal costed us about half month of grocery but it was a great experience and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

So for our dinner, we picked the 4 course meal ($110) instead of the tasting menu at ($265). Upon entering the restaurant foyer, we were greeted by the hostess by our name. Immediately someone walked us to our table by the fireplace and presented us with a greeting card from the chef wishing us a happy anniversary. Instead of putting my clutch on the floor or on the chair, a little stool is placed next to me for the bag. A champagne cart was served table side, we each got a glass of rose. Since I am not an alcohol person, I almost choked when I saw the price for that flute of champagne ($50 each). I was glad I knew enough not to order the Dom Perignon. Heeheee.... That would have set us back $130 per flute. Yikes! It is not that we can't afford it but I just can't see myself spending that type of $$ on alcohol. I rather spend it on food. Anyhoo, we were presented with a delicious amuse bouche of whipped yogurt and a cheese puff. These might come in small packages, but all are super rich and filling.
For my meal, I ordered Kumamoto oyster with sweet and sour pear to start. There were so many flavors balancing each other out in this and the oyster was firm with a slight crunch. Yum!

Normally I am not a running egg yolk type of gal, but this coddle farm egg with sweet peas and salted pork was SO GOOD!

Since I adore duck, it is without a question that I would order coffee roasted duck with candied peanut rice. I almost asked if i could TOGO a second order of rice for my toddler. The best duck I had was at Hotel Coste in Paris and this really rivals the taste. It was cooked to perfect tenderness.
Hub started his meal with seared big eye tun.

For the second course, he ordered Bouillabaisse. I just want to say rock shrimps and grilled octopus in butter mussel reduction sauce is just to die for. Hub let me eat most of it. It was so good with bread.

For the main course, he ordered Kobe beef which is $25 extra. It was SO pretty I thought they brought us dessert initially. Hub teased me for the rest of the night. I don't care because that beef literally melted in my mouth.
Just more images of the homemade bread with house made butter. We got a small serving of sorbet to refresh our palette before dessert. I am still thinking about the rice with duck leg confit on the bottom. It is truly yummy in the tummy.
I finished the meal with strawberry and cream with 24K gold foil. Hub got the Mille-Feuille (I think), After dessert, we were presented with Addison's take on S'mores. OMG it was good. By the time we were done with coffee, it was 3 hours later and I think 2 pounds heavier. I was ready to walk home. All in all, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Addison for a special date night.

As we were escorted to the foyer after dinner, we were presented with house made chocolate toffee to take home. Again everyone wished us a happy anniversary. Our wallet maybe lighter but it was a great night and I would do it again for another special occasion.

On the side note, I mentioned to hub I really liked the chocolate toffee so being a good hub he went to Addison trying to buy some for me. It was not available for sale but they gave him 2 more small packages to come home. What great service! ~xoxo Angela

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