May 18, 2016

Step 2 Dream Kitchen Review

Since babe is always playing with his friends' kitchen set, I thought to get one for himself at home to play and this also encourages pretend play and we are learning new words through playing. I got the Step 2 Dream Kitchen which had pretty good review after my various research.
these are all the pieces
First of all, I really want to say instruction provided really sucks!!!!
However, since all the pieces are almost self explanatory, it was not hard to figure out how to put the kitchen set together. One thing I will say is "GET A POWER DRILL"! A regular screw driver isn't going to cut it!!! Maybe I am just not that strong but I couldn't not even make a dent using a regular screw driver. After getting out the power drill, I had everything done in 30 minutes.

screw in per instruction
After  putting all the major pieces together, one just need to drill in the long screws to secure the kitchen set together. I think I spend more time putting on sticker decals, that is babe was trying to "HELP"!
add sticker decals and done
I didn't put in batteries to make sounds, I figure we can just pretend and make the sounds ourselves. Babe loves to play with all the fruits and veggies (not included) in his kitchen.
its's a good size but not too big
We had this kitchen set for about 3 months now and babe still plays with it at least once a day. All his friends love it whenever we have play dates. It is a good size but fits nicely into the corner of a room. All in all, I say I am very happy and babe is happily playing with his kitchen. Win-win!!!

~xoxo Angela

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