May 18, 2016

Godiva Chocolate Berry Cup

6 Berry Cups
-1 Large Godiva chocolate bar (can  use more if like more chocolate)
I usually have extra just in case I need more
-12 each of blackberry and raspberry

How to:
-Melt chocolate on a double boiler
-spoon melted chocolate into prepared foil cup
-place 4 berries into each cup
-drizzle chocolate over berries
-place in fridge to let chocolate set (about 30 minutes)
-remove chocolate cup from foil and enjoy
4 easy steps
use back of baking tin to make foil cup
Chocolate galore!
I usually like to make chocolate strawberries along with chocolate cups whenever I entertain. So far, I have not encountered a guest that does not adore these two combo dessert.

*2 large Godiva bar will yield 6 chocolate berry bar and 8 very large chocolate strawberry.

~xoxo Angela

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