Apr 10, 2016

Fried soft shell crab

I am always ready to experiment with cooking. When gal pal asked the other day if I wanted some soft shell crabs, I jumped at the chance immediately. Fried soft shell crab is a dish that I almost always order when I patron Japan restaurants. The chance to try it at home is like a dream come true. I tried various methods like saute, and pan-frying. Those two ways, the result tasted fine but really nothing to write home about. The crab was soft, no crunch at all. Hub and family were supportive but I could tell they were being nice! So third time is the charm. I decided to deep fry after coating with egg wash and Japanese panko. It was super easy and fast. This time, the whole plateful was gone in a blink of an eye! Success!!!

-soft shell crabs (I budget 1 per person)
-1 egg for egg wash
-potato flour (but can use regular flour)
-Japanese panko (can be purchase almost anywhere)

Cooking method:
-wash crab and dry thoroughly
-I like to cut crab into half, it's easier to handle and eat
-coat with flour and dip in egg wash then coat with panko crumbs
-let crabs sit for a few minutes to set
-fry with vegetable oil on medium heat (I usually test for oil readiness by dropping a little panko into the oil to see if it bubble up immediately.)
-I didn't time the frying time, I just looked at crab for readiness. It should turn red and puff up. I would estimate around 1 minute per side.
-remove from oil and drain on paper towel
-serve hot with Ponzu sauce and green onion

Note: Oil will splatter a lot during frying so be careful!

ENJOY! How do you like your soft shell crabs?

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