Mar 26, 2016

San Diego Botanical Garden, Seed of Wonder for Tots

After a long hiatus from blogging, my first post back is going to be mommy related. For the first year, I couldn't let Savvy Babe out of my sight without feeling guilty. Nowadays, I would still miss him terribly when I am out alone but I also realized the importance of me time once in a while. When we are spending time together which is most days, I like to balance our outings between indoor and outdoor activities.
One of our favorite places to visit is the Botanical Garden in San Diego. When I say Botanical Garden, I really mean the Seed of Wonder within the garden which is great for little ones. Since Savvy Babe is not in school yet, this provides opportunities to interact with other little ones. Also there are many activities to keep him occupied for at least 2 hours.

He learned fruit and veggie names here!
In the little house, there are lots of activities such as reading, or pretend play with kitchen set and fruits/vegetables. Outside, there is a little garden for kids to enjoy picnic or just enjoy the sun.
Great for lunch or snack

Note to self, bring extra clothes
There is a water table for kids to play with toy fish and plenty of opportunity to become very wet. Note to self, bring extra change of clothes and wear plastic shoes or sandals.
Babe loves train here!
From Tuesday - Thursday, there are various activities such as story time, art and train demo to simulate the mind.
Great for burning off energy
Pathway for little walk
From the path, we he usually play in the sand box and then sit on the two dinosaurs before heading home for the day.
Sandbox area

Since we usually get stuck in the Seed of Wonder, I couldn't show rest of the garden. There is a tree house and other activities for older kids within the main garden. For adults, the garden displays a great variety of plants from various regions which is a valuable resource for anyone interested in gardening and horticulture. Admission is $14 for adult, $8 for kids 3-12, and free for kids 2 and under. Hours are 9 am - 5 pm daily. We join annual membership for $55 since we visit quite often. This is definitely a great place for play date and outdoor fun for the entire family.

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