Jun 10, 2015

Scarf as a Halter or Tank

I love  to use scarves as colorful accents for outfits but I also try to find new ways to wear a scarf. So as summer draws near, I find silk scarf the perfect substitute for a stylish silk print top. Since this outfit is for an evening out, I feel comfortable backless but for daytime, I usually wear the scarf with a white tank underneath. I added a denim jacket to keep me warm and covered up just in case.
I have tried wearing a long sleeve fitted top/shirt underneath this particular style and the look is quite stylish too, almost like wearing a vest.
For the office, it's cute to wear this look under a cardigan or jacket. Just make sure you don't have to take the jacket or cardigan off. The print really makes an outfit extra snazzy.

What I am Wearing:

Versace 75 cm silk scarf
White Emporio Armani wide leg pants --- I love to wear white in the summer but white has a tendency to make a person looking a little horizontally challenged....
Emporio Armani denim jacket

*** Get this look by folding a 75 cm square scarf diagonally across with the print showing on the outside on both sides then tie a secure square knot at the top of the triangle. Adjust the fold nicely to avoid accidentally exposing oneself. I have never had any problem before but a gal just never knows if a booboo is waiting to happen....


  1. I think scarves are def one of the most versatile accessories!

  2. Great idea and so inpiration as I seen the Hermes idea cards...


  3. I love this--it looks fabulous!! You can also pin it to a collar necklace if you have one...

  4. Loooove this look and thanks for the how-to, darling! You look fab!


  5. Thanks, I've always wondered how they did that. I would use my stick on bra, as long as it's smoothe enough. Fabulous look on you!

  6. It looks so great on you. Such a nice idea!

    I know there is really no worry of it flying off...but can you EVEN imagine? ahh!

  7. Oh it happened to my girl friend on the dance floor.... I saw it coming and had to hug her until we remedy the issue.

  8. i love the scarf top! =)


  9. Ms. SAvvy- your profile picture is CUTE! I likey the scarf ideas!

  10. GORGEOUS!! i love this idea!

  11. wow, great job! It looks great, that's a really nice scarf.

  12. Oooh. I love the scarf tank idea! VERY cute!

    And I agree about Princess! Probably not the kind of girl anyone wants to be stuck with long-term!

  13. What a great idea!! I have so many scarfs and now an extended wardrobe :)

  14. Well I'm a nursing mom, and my boobs are enormous to begin with - so I could never pull this look off. But I admire those of you can!

    I think there are men out there who are just as materialistic. I'm sure she'll find hers one day, just as hopefully your friend finds someone more compatible to him one day too.

  15. I love the scarf tank, what a great idea. I will do this look this weekend on my date night. As for your friend, I feel bad for him. There are many women out there looking for that golden meal ticket.

  16. such a cool post...thank you for this!!!

    that girl sounds horrible...he should dump her!

  17. Princesses behaviour during the lunch date was inexcusable especially since they are in the early stages of dating.
    I think he should give her another chance and take her somewhere inexpensive again to see if the way she acted that time was just a one off due having a bad or something random.
    If she acts the same way again, then I would steer clear of her. It would be great if he told her why as well, that way she would think twice about her behaviour.
    Loving the gorge print scarf as a top honey!
    so summery.
    muah x

  18. AnonymousMay 19, 2009

    There is a name for women like this, it's gold digger.

  19. LOVE the idea of this x

  20. Love how the scarf was worn!

    And Princess. I do get annoyed by women like this! So high maintenance - it bothers not just their dates, but us as well!

    La C.

  21. You look fabulous, thanks for the how to!

    Princess definitely gives girls a bad rap! I bet he'll dump her too! XO

  22. thank you! thank you! for sharing the how-to. I love the look and the idea. It looks fab on you. As for your friend's date...she does sound a bit high maintenance (and spoiled) based on this story. Was she bratty when he took her to the other places? Did she act stuck up or something? Maybe this is an isolated incident? I mean, lunch is lunch...I'm from NYC and unless he took her to Arby's or McDonald's or something (which is a major no in my view even if it is a totally casual thing), I mean, a quick lunch to me means no table service so maybe a salad or sandwich and sitting in a park or something. I don't know...maybe he should give her another chance and see how it goes. Instead of taking her to a "swanky" or trendy place, he should take her somewhere nice but not over the top and see how she acts. :) but this is just my opinion.

  23. That looks great on you! I think, however, my three year old would rip it off me in about five seconds. LOL!

    ~ Sarah

  24. Chessa: I agree, he should give her another chance to make sure maybe it's just the place. Regardless though, I think it's really rude still especially when she agree to the place too.
    And yes, I wouldn't wear this around my nephew, he would help me out of it in no time tugging and pulling.

  25. The scarf top is so elegant. The princesses behavior is most certainly not.

  26. What a great idea! I'll def have to play around with this one.

    Re: Princess, he should totally dump her ass. Even if she were having a bad day, that's no excuse to be so impolite.


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