May 31, 2009

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Savvy Mode started in 2008 as a way for me to document my personal journey to living well, and achieving savvy style while finding my own creative niche of comfort. This is also a way for me to share with other women about style and home. As my life transitioned in the last few years, I continue to grow and evolve as a woman, a wife and a new mom, finding my style and comfort in everyday living became more important because simplicity sometimes is the best,

In 2013, personal life took priority and I took a break from blogging to focus on me and my family.  As my little one is gaining independence, and me working on new projects, I am so excited to re-join the social media community again. I want to share tips and hows with my fellow gals as I navigate through the day with hub and tot.  I hope through sharing what I know I can help to make another gal's life more simple, more stylish and more inspired.  I have learned so much from my friends and from the social media community, I like to contribute my share in helping others.  I strive to achieve a balance between style and sensibility in the everyday life. To be honest, it is not always pretty  or easy because being a mom, a wife and me can be trying at any given moment.  My friends always say my house is always guest ready and I am always so put together. Again, I have my moments too. I am not 100% in SAVVY MODE all the time. But it is okay, we try our best and life is dynamic.  ~Angela


Through blogging, I have met many great individuals and learned so much interesting things from  around the world. Don't hesitate to contact me at if there is a question or suggestion because I love to hear from you.

 Also, please contact me at if you want me to test a product for review, advertise on Savvy Mode, and/or sponsor  giveaways on Savvy Mode. I have previously partner with brands such as TOMS, GE, Shopbop, Vaseline, Dr. Perricone, etc. I love to introduce new products and ideas on my blog to share with the community.