Sep 10, 2013

Create Two Seating Areas in One Room

Since we began planning our new home remodel, Mr. Savvy and I spend many weekends visiting model homes for ideas figuring why not take inspiration from professionals instead of us running around like a chicken without a head. It would be awful to spend a lot of money on a remodel only for the end result to be ugly. On such a visit, I saw how a great room was divided into 2 seating areas by placing 2 couches back to back. Previously, I would either divide the room into two separate configuration of furniture pieces or placing couches, table, seating bench, table and couch to create 2 seating areas.

With the couches back to back, even a smaller space can be divided into 2 areas by using smaller scale pieces. In the picture above, one couch is facing the TV and the other couch with coffee table and seating squares is facing the open kitchen. This way, the occupants can all be in the same room while enjoying their own activities. What do you think?


  1. oh how interesting! i guess if your room is large enough to split it in two ways it's a cool idea. I'm in the works of minor home redecorating too.. mainly painting and light fixtures.. that i've been waiting to do since we moved 2 years ago... we're SLACKERS...

    -issa @

    1. we are planning a major remodel so lots of work. still in the planning stage. Good luck with yours.


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