Sep 6, 2013

Current Favorite: DHC Cleansing Oil

I have been meaning to write about this not so new product for a long time but everything in my life seems to get in its way. Before this, I used to swear by Shu Uemura cleansing oil only. When a gal pal recommended this, I was slightly skeptical. However, with my usual enthusiasm with beauty products, I will try almost anything once. I ordered a bottle DHC Deep Cleasing Oil from Skin Care Rx. After first use, I recommended Savvy Mom and Sis to switch their brands. I love how it easily removes waterproof mascara and everything else from my face. I literally would just wash my face with warm water and pat dry. Afterward, my skin feels soft and clean without any trace of oiliness. If anyone is looking for a new makeup remover, I highly recommend this at only $26 for 6.7 oz. What is your favorite makeup remover?

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  1. I love boscia make up break up! :) But I'm venturing out this time with the Shu Uemura Pore cleansing oil. I simply cannot refuse anything that will reduce my pores!


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