Feb 15, 2013

Tommy Bahama & Delicious Food

When the words Tommy Bahamas are uttered, an automatic image of printed island style shirt comes to mind. However, the company is more than just clothing. I had dined at a Tommy Bahamas restaurant quite a few times already, in all instances, my experiences had been quite positive. The strangest thing is that I don't normally think of this place until a friend makes a suggestion.  Then I would totally enjoy myself there, but I would forget about it again. It must be the island shirt image..... Anyway, last month I was there again for a friend's birthday and the chef outdone herself. We had tasting of blue crab with avocado and fish roe.
 These blue crab tacos were to die for...... It was fresh and luxurious, if one can say that about a taco.
I had steak with giant prawn. Normally brussel sprout is not on top of my food list but it was well done. I couldn't finish the whole entree and it was still good the next day.
Another gal pal had crab cake. It was also delicious. I was able to take a bite or two from others at the table but we were all too quick with the fork for picture opportunities.
Finally after eating our fill, we no longer jump in with our fork. I love all the desserts offered there. I had a bite of everything and nothing was bad. Actually, that was a bad thing......

Have you been to a Tommy Bahama lately? What do you think of the food?

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