Feb 20, 2013

Style du Jour: Kung Fu Shoes

Back in 2008, nice folks over at Toms shoes sent me a pair to review for myself. When I first set my eyes on them, I thought first Chinese kung fu shoes. Since then, this particular style has saturated every corner of the shoe market. Every brand from Chanel, Armani, down to Target and Walmart has some offerings in this fashion. While these shoes are not on top of my fashion shopping list, I must agree some are rather comfortable even if I don't think they are fashionable. But then, fashion is in the eye of the beholder, right?! I saw these Marc Jacob the other day and tried them on for size. I still don't have an overwhelming urge to take them home, but they are quite comfy. Maybe this summer with casual outfits?? Have you gotten yourself a pair of these type of shoes yet?


  1. There are certain styles and colors of these shoes that I like, but more often than not, they are just dull to me. I suppose they would be okay for going out running errands or doing yardwork. But I wouldn't spend a fortune on them.

  2. not yet, i never seen before this shoes type. it's seems comfortable for use


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