Jan 24, 2013

Easy @ Home Drinks.....

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, I am truly a feather weight. On a typical evening out, I may have one drink for the entire evening. While out with gal pals for dinner at Tommy Bahama, I accidentally discovered a drink that goes down rather easy, even for yours truly. It is called: Be Mine Clementine

Our nice server told us it is made from muddled Clenentines, Grey Goose L'Orange, Cointreau(orange flavored liqueur), lemon and sparkling wine
***I made this at home without orange liqueur, only with Grey Goose L'Orange and it was still good!! 
For brunch at home, instead of boring OJ, try mixing juices together. I am loving orange/pineapple juice lately. I buy fresh pineapple and orange juices to mix. Adding a sprig of mint and a rind of orange just make the simple juice more luxurious and flavorful. What is your favorite drinks lately??


  1. Sounds yummy! I rarely drink as I'm alone most of the time and don't want to go down that slippery slope!

  2. This looks and sounds delicious! I love fruity drinks, so I need to remember to order this one the next time I'm out. :)

  3. Orange and Pineapple sounds delicious! Sometimes I mix Orange and Cranberry. I have recently been looking to find ways to make water taste better so I am tempted to drink it!


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