Oct 27, 2012

Trending Short Jacket

As a rather petite gal, I love short jackets because longer jackets tend to make me look short and stubby.When wearing a short or crop jacket, I love to layer to create texture and dimension to the outfit. 
 Chanel short crop denim jacket (via style.com)
 Alice + Olivia via style.com
Doesn't this Alice + Olivia boucle jacket looks lady-like and elegant. Very Chanel-ish. ($495 via nordstrom.com) I hope this jacket comes with a matching skirt.
 I love the color the and the shape of this Burberry cargo pocket leather jacket. ($1995 via nordstrom.com)
This J Crew jacket reminded me of a Chanel jacket from long long time ago. The Chanel piece was even short. I think this J Crew is more practical. It is on sale now for $198.
I was surprised to find this bright piece at Ann Taylor. It is very stylish and just perfect for a modern gal. On sale now too for $109 at Ann Taylor. Do you like short/crop jackets?


  1. Love this look. But would require me to loose the post baby weight fast :O(
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  2. Oh how weird I was literally just admiring that J.Crew jacket at the mall today! :)

    I miss the days when I could pull off a short jacket. Now I need a long jacket to hide my extra 30. Sigh.

  3. I used to hate cropped jackets but a few years ago I ventured to try one on (with short sleeves too) and fell in love! Still wear that one a lot.


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