Oct 10, 2012

DIY: Swarovski Crystal Headband

Ever since I saw this Prada headband, I became obsessed with a crystal headband. I didn't buy the Prada piece because it was not practical for everyday wear. I looked high and low but couldn't find the one that I wanted for myself. So this gal decided to make one! I got a satin covered thin band from Target and I used chain made from Swarvoski crystals. I had the chain customer made for me for another project. Any crystal chain will do. I personally adore Swarovski because there is no sparkle like this. You can use any type of thin headband, as long it is flat on the top.
Cut crystal chain so it will cover the headband. I left about 1/2 inch on each end of the headband free of crystal chain. There isn't any need to cover the head band end to end. Use jewelry glue to glue chain to the band. Glue can be purchased quite easily at craft stores.
I wore it the other day to lunch and gal pals adore this thin headband. It is very sparkly under the sun but it is not over the top. A gal can wear this from day to night!! I can image a bride and/or her bridesmaids wearing this headband.
If you don't have time to make it, I found this at Nordstrom for $14 (Lulu rhinestone headband), not bad at all. Would you wear crystal headband from day to night?


  1. Crystals are so pretty, this is a fun style DIY,looks really chic against your sleek dark hair.xx


  2. wow great job Angela! have a nice day, darling!

    caroline @ patagonia gifts love knot jewelry

  3. fabulous angela! i love a sparkly headband! looks great!

  4. Yours came out so fabulous! And I love the Nordstrom one as well. This is such a cute idea. :)

  5. What a sparkling headband.

  6. Awesome DIY, darling!
    You look beautiful!


  7. ohhh so resourceful! i love it.. i have a thin crystal headband like that hiding in my dressing room somewhere you've made me want to go dig it up.. especially with the holidays right around the corner :) perfect for a party!!


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