Aug 8, 2012

Savvy Finds @ Old Navy

Printed Dress $26.94
My recent trip to Old Navy with a gal pal really proved that stylish fashion does not have to cost an arm and a leg. It had been many many years since I visited an Old Navy store. As I begin to reevaluate my fashion needs, I find myself shying away from pieces that require lots of maintenance and dry cleaning service. Now cute, comfortable and easy to clean are right on top of my must have when buying clothes.
Tie Dress $26.94
 I bought a green striped dress and wore it quite often. I will definitely pick up a few more.
Ruffle Polo $17.50
 Instead of a plain tee, isn't this polo just dressier and so much more stylish?
Ruffle printed top $24.94

Jersey Lounge Cardi $19.94
Ruffle Open Front Cardi $29.94

Printed Sweater dress $44.94
Leopard print has not been on top of my shopping list but I love this dress with a pair of black class boots. Have you visited an Old Navy Recently?


  1. The first dress is so gorgeous!! I love the print.

  2. hate to say it but I sort of forgot about Old Navy...I will have to head back!

  3. Love that ruffle polo. So cute!

  4. Gorgeous finds, darling!
    Love the cardis!


  5. that first print is adorable i wouldn't have thought it was ON at first, it is so cute! i love all of your other ON finds they are really scoring in the style department lately

  6. Love that blue cardigan!
    xx Marie

  7. Cute pieces--love the ruffle cardi!

  8. Didn't know Old Navy has such cute clothes.

  9. i am loving the first two dresses and the cardigans! i haven't been to old navy in a long time, i definitely have to go soon! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  10. I rarely ever step into Old Navy, I think the sheer size of the place that overwhelms me. You're right though, when it comes to fashion, the less dry cleaning and ironing involved the better! There's some seriously cute pics here, I'm going to make sure I pop by an Old Navy next time I'm at the mall.

    xx Jenee C.

  11. It's been months since I last shopped there, might have to get the blue cardigan.:D

    - Marie

  12. The Old Navy online selection is pretty awesome - never judge a brand by its prices!

    <a href=">Chic 'n Cheap Living</a>

  13. Ooh, the Printed Sweater Dress - I want!! :)

  14. Old Navy has had some really cute stuff lately, it's awesome!

  15. Ohhhh how I love this post,honey!;)

  16. These are really cute! I've been living in Old Navy dresses all summer. I love their summer cardi's as well. Hope all is well Angela :)

  17. Hi there! Love the simplicity of the leopard T, I can imagine it would work perfectly with black leather riding boots and your sweet hair cut! Have a lovely weekend! Sharon xx

  18. Omg I was just telling the hubs yesterday how the girls on MUA are always finding great things at ON but when I go, I never do. T_T Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough?

  19. The leopard sweater dress looks really cute. It's been a while since I've shopped at Old Navy (usually I prefer Banana Republic), but it looks like I'll have to stop by soon!


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