Aug 1, 2012

Heart Chanel Purple Bootie

Chanel never cease to surprise me with new designs. I love the the purple color with the ombre gradient design. The heel with rock crystal-ish accent makes this pair of booties pop. 
I love the cut-off design on the other side. Adore it!! I can see this pair of booties being year round. What do you think??


  1. Love that color! But what's that ruffly thing? I can't really make it out. It makes me feel like the shoe's bloomers are showing :-D

    1. Wendy: You are hilarious. The ruffle thing is actually trying to imitate rock crystal formation. : )

  2. Love the design and the color but not sure about the white rock thing.

  3. They look like a piece of art that need to be displayed somewhere prominently!

  4. How much are they??? I saw this in a Nordstrom ad in Vogue's September issue and am obsessed.


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