Jun 5, 2012

Basic Color: New YSL Wedge

Last week, I went to Neiman Marcus intending to buy myself a new pair of black classic heels. Well, I didn't find my classic black, but I found by chance a pair of basic wedge which will become my go-to shoes this summer. Isn't accidental conquest the best??
When my eyes fell on these lovelies, I knew I had to take them home. Of course, all my gal pals didn't help my wallet at all. They reaffirmed I must have these wedge. I figure basic taupe color will go with anything I wear this summer and even going into fall and spring next year. Gal pal has a pair of Jimmy Choo in taupe and she wears that pair all the time. This pair of YSL wedge is slightly over 5.25 inch so I can finally be tall. Yay!!!
When I got home, I realized this pair of wedge would pair perfectly with my summer Chanel tote. Sigh... I adore accidental perfection.
What about you, do you like taupe??


  1. Those look like wonderful!

  2. *gasp* These are faaaabulous!! You'll be super tall. I tried wearing a similar pair but I couldn't walk in them.

  3. Gorgeous pair. You'll get tons of wears out of them.

  4. they look so gorgeous!

  5. These are gorgeous! It would have been criminal to come home without them.... Love this color for summer - at least one item in every outfit is this color at the moment. Loving it with bright jeans, patterned shorts and stone pencil skirts for work. Perfection!


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