May 10, 2012

Small Plates @ Rooster PM

When it comes to food, a fancy place does not guarantee quality. The other night, food blogger friend took us to this place in Costa Mesa that I would not have found myself. The location was rather small and unassuming. Parking was slightly problematic but we managed to find parking anyway. The staff was super nice and friendly. Can I just say fresh basil pesto with fresh bread is simply delicious.
This is some sort of wine and fresh fruits and juice.
I never had nacho like this before. I adore avocado.
Grill Japanese pepper. These are not spicy at all. Well, only about 10% will be spicy, I did pretty well.
 Small hamburger. These were very simply but delicious.
Usually I won't order mac-n-cheese but I am glad I got to taste this comfort food. We also ordered lobster quesadilla and shrimp with capers but I didn't have a chance to take pictures. The best thing about eating with a large group is we can order many dishes to taste. If you are in the Costa Mesa area in Orange County, Rooster PM is a good eat which is not to be missed.


  1. That avocado looks heavenly!

  2. Mac n cheese may not look so sumptuous but I really do love it.

  3. these all look o good. mac and cheese was my fave when i was young!


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