May 28, 2012

Interesting Fashion: Prada & Giuseppe Zanotti

The other day, I went on a birthday gift errand at the mall and saw displays at the Prada window which had me wonder what these designers were thinking. I can it these totes are fun but paying lots of money for these bags, seriously??! I went into the boutique to touch the shaggy looking tote and the feel was rather plastic. I don't know, what do you think??
On the note of interesting fashion, I was at Neiman Marcus last week for the pre-sale and couldn't help to try on this pair of very unique sparkling Giuseppe Zanotti wedge. I wanted to find out if I would actually tip over. Gal pals told me this particular style had been the rage among celebrities in Asia.
I had to focus to keep balance. To stay upright, I had to stand very straight to keep my center of gravity. It is very unique but positively not for me. Gal pals took turns trying to tip me over. What do you think??

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