Apr 20, 2012

Wild Side

Animal print of any sort has not been on top of my shopping list. In fact, I make a point of avoiding such design details. However never is never truly never uh..... Last week I found the cutest little dress at H & M for under $20. I did not think I would actually like the python/snake print detail but I found myself rather fond of this new addition. The silhouette is rather flattering, meaning hides my un-exercised tummy well. The color is just right and the fabric is just comfortable. There are other prints in this exact design.
 I mixed prints with the dress and bag. Buying classic does pay off in the long run.
To add interest to my outfit, I wore a pair of orange flats to add a splash of color.

What I wore: H & M dress, LV speedy in 25cm, Tod's orange ballet flats

Do you like animal prints??


  1. yes very fashionable to have something bright colours in the attire! nice!

    xoxo elle

  2. I looove animal prints -- H&M really has had a lot of great snake prints recently.

  3. Oh i love her Outfit! The dress is adoreable and she looks really beautiful!


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