Apr 12, 2012

Small Plates @ Happy Hour

When it comes to bread, I am pretty picky. A restaurant will totally have points deducted if the bread is not simply fabulous. Bread is like the first impression before food. It is just unacceptable to have bad first impression, right?! I visited Bleu Boheme in San Diego, CA for the second time and their bread didn't disappoint. I could still see hot trails of stem as I tore a piece of the loaf.
As I said before, I adore HAPPY HOURS, especially at 50% off. It is just wonderful to be able to order lots of small plates to taste. Seared sea scallops with mushroom and burre blanc sauce.
Gnocchi with Brussels sprouts and duck bacon in burre blanc sauce. It was very rich, but in small portion, all the fat in cream is acceptable.
Mussels with Roquefort cheese sauce. I enjoyed dipping bread into this rich creamy sauce. Yum!!!

Do you enjoy Happy Hours??


  1. I'm such a fan of small plates - I love to be able to try everything!

  2. Happy Hours aren't really in my vocabulary anymore--too much hassle with kids. But lots of small plates of anything to try--that's my idea of a perfect meal. And of course, bread has to be amazing if I'm going to take in all those refined carbs!

  3. Mmm mmm mmm! It all looks delish!

  4. Bread is always a good indicator of a good meal! Thanks for the recommendation - I'd try this place!

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