Apr 25, 2012

Black on Black with Detail

Years ago, black used to dominate my closet. However in the recently I have been veering toward brighter colors in place of monochromatic black. Despite my new love for color, there is something to say to classic black when done right.
This is one of my favorite go-to outfit when I want to wear all black. I don't mind black as long as there are other interesting details to add interest and detail to an outfit. I picked up this skirt years ago for the gold detail and the gathered detail, which is great at hiding the tummy area.
Of course, what is black on black without a pair of classic heels. I have this pair of classic forever and I still adore it.

How do you feel about all black outfits??

What I am wearing: Ann Taylor silk top, YSL wrap skirt, Chanel heels


  1. love the dress on you!

  2. What a beautiful outfit! When I do all black, it's usually one of my jersey dresses for going out with delicate black heels.

  3. That is so right - I love the gold detail!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. This was how I used to look when I worked in a "proper" office. I think you pulled off the look beautifully. You kept in classic and simple. So envious of your lovely figure!

  5. Fantastic. You can't go wrong with this look.


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