Mar 30, 2012

Kimono Styled

Recently I am in amour with loose fitting tops to further my adoration for casual chic looks. I find kimono style tops especially adorable with fitted jeans/pants or slouchy battered pair of jeans. A gal can throw on a top like this and the over-sized sleeves offer that extra flair to the look.
 Most of the guys can't believe women will pay real money for a pair of paint splattered, torn up jeans.....Well, I am trying to channel my inner something!! ~smile
To make an outfit pop, jewelry acts as the perfect accent. My outfit was rather bland until I added the gold leaf necklace and the Swarovski element crystal stretch bracelet. This bracelet is my everyday piece nowadays. (Both pieces available via Shop Savvy Mode)
As many of you know by now, I adore adore adore pearls. I just finished a custom made pearl necklace for a client. ~Sigh, it is very luxurious looking.
Of course, she ordered matching bracelet to complete the set.

What I am Wearing:  Adiva Kimono Top (Let me know if anyone is interested, $26 for one or $39 for two. I can't wait to show the other top I got.) True Religion jeans, jewelry all by Angela M. 

What is your favorite top silhouette??


  1. nice top!


  2. I like your top! I am seeing more of this style and liking it more.

  3. that top is fantastic!

  4. i love tops like this! i looove flowy, loose-fitting tops! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  5. Awesome relaxed outfit, you look great! Zomg, the pearls set is to die for~ I love it... Lucky lady your client!

  6. I'm crazy for pearls too! I do love the look of a kimono top, but I'm just too top-heavy to pull it off. Looks amazing on you though!!

  7. It's beautiful and looks fabulous on you! Love kimonos. Also love your necklace and your pearls. :) xoxo

  8. I love this top, this is a great shape and it looks great with the jeans!

  9. I normally like a fitted top for me, but I JUST got a Chris Benz dress with a kimono top!

  10. you look so natural and beautiful!!!

  11. the top is beautiful! i love the sleeves.


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