Feb 24, 2012

Trend & Beauty @ Neiman Marcus Event

Yesterday gal pals and I went to a Neiman Marcus beauty event that was fun, stylish and rather fruitful for me. We were introduced to the latest color and trend for the season and latest beauty products from various beauty brands.
 Apparently pink, and yellow will be huge this spring. I love this because I adore pink, yellow and orange.

 More pink.....
 Big bold jewelry pieces seems to dominate this season as well, especially large statement earrings.
 more yellow.... I will just have to dig out my yellow pieces.
 I love love love this dress.

Of course the best thing about this event was the fact that I was one of lucky winners to take home a gift box. Each beauty brand offered a gift to a winner and I got to take home a Dior gift box. I feel lucky this week!!!
Of course all the gals attending the event got a beauty goodies bag filled with samples to try. I think I am done buying beauty products for a while.
I don't usually run out to buy beauty products without trying out samples first to ensure I really like it. Do you like the new spring colors and trend. Also do you try samples before buying a product?


  1. wow what a great event. and what great gifts!!! you lucky gal! love all the bold colors.

  2. I love pink and orange together! Those yellow designs look fabulous! I need more yellow in my closet. Congratulations girl! You hit the jackpot with the Dior box. Enjoy! Neiman Marcus handed out some nice samples. Wonderful event! I wish we had one here.

  3. Congrats on winning and all the loot you scored on- lucky!! :) You'll have to do a review on some of your favorite products you received. I always try to get a sample before I buy, or at least read some reviews if I can't get a sample.

  4. Awesome pics!
    Love that Michael Kors Scuba dress!


  5. Ooh, what a fun event! I am loving the look in picture # 3! :)

  6. Totally OT but I feel sure you have some sheer clothes -- do you have any recent outfit photos of such that you'd be interested in sharing in my next Huffington Post trend story? Email me!

  7. i'm so excited about all the bright neon colors this season!!

  8. Lucky gal. I love all the bright colors this season!

  9. What an awesome Dior gift basket you won! I have not been to the trend & beauty event at NM, usually I go to the fall trend cosmetics show at nordstrom.

  10. How exciting! Congrats on your win!
    I'll be leaning more towards those pinks this spring. Yellow washes me out so badly, I look dead!

  11. Wonderful gifts! You are very lucky! You should review any product you find good for us readers ok?


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