Jan 17, 2012

Silver Chanel Classic Flap vs. Sequin Chanel Classic Flap

Perhaps it is the cold winter days, silver has gotten into my blood recently. Whenever I make a big handbag purchase, I will make sure that particular style will stand the test of time, which is why I often avoid interesting bags. Often time, what is interesting can become dated after a while. What that being said, I am seriously liking these two Chanel classic flaps in two different silver elements. The first is a silver sequin Chanel classic flap in the small size. A gal can wear the most simple outfit and this bag will glam it right up.
The second one is the classic flap in the medium size. Initially I thought it was a clutch, but a chain was tucked inside. I would use it as a large clutch as well. I was slightly disappointed that it was not made of leather. At least I think it is non-leather after checking it out inside. I think it is some sort of silver color man-made material.  At $2100, I am having an issue paying for a non-leather bag. I adore the style but not the material. Prices aside, which silver bag do you like more? The sequin will sure dazzle but I think the second bag will be more fitting for my lifestyle. What do you think?


  1. Not a big fan of the sequins. O like the flap but it is not leather? What material is it made off?

    1. I can't say for sure, but it feels like some sort of man made clothe material with silver coating over it. It feels slightly plastic.

  2. I definitely vote for the 2nd option. A sequin bag like that is way too trendy IMO and will look like a little kid's bag years later.

  3. Sequin is interesting but I wouldn't buy it.

  4. OMG loooooove the sequined one!


  5. I definitely like the 2nd one much more. I think that a plain metallic bag is always in style :D

  6. I like the second one best. I'm saving up for my first Chanel...still got a ways to go though :/

  7. I'd go with the second one. It seems more versatile.

  8. ohhh yes please! i think the 2nd one is def more versatile and you can wear up and down.

  9. I would go with the second one. :D


  10. 2nd one for sure! The material is suede, but it's treated to get the finish. It's meant to be a clutch with the option to wear as a shoulder bag or wristlet. I love it and definitely worth it.


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