Jan 3, 2012

New Do & Old Classic

As I mature, I began to appreciate more and more classic no frill designs. It is my motto in fashion and living style. After trying to deal with in between hair style, I decided to go back to my straight edgy bob until my hair grow out. Having bad hair day everyday just does not work for me.
 I have had my share of bob cut and until this day, I will say no one can beat Vidal Sassoon in this cut.
As I go through my bags, I rediscovered this classic LV Speedy. I borrow to own Savvy Mom's leather strap. It is more convenient than trying to hang on to the bag all the time. I got this bag 10 years ago and I still like it a lot today. The things with classic design is that such design may not be something to write home about but we will not become tire of it after one season.
I love this sparkling Swarovski earrings I made for the holiday. I am always so happy when clients tell me they get compliments wearing this particular style. This pair will sparkle without going over the top.
Anyhoo, what one of your old classics that you still adore today?

What I am Wearing: Faconnable top, Seven Jeans, LV Speedy, Angela M. Design Earrings


  1. great hair!



  2. I love it! I wish I could pull off a cut like that.

  3. Gorgeous 'do, darling!
    Love those earrings, too!


  4. Your hair looks sooo pretty! And love classic bags too ;-) Happy New Year doll!

  5. Cute hair! And those earring are gorgeous!

  6. The nice thing about classic pieces is that not only do they stand the test of time, they look current season after season with the right styling touches and accessories.

    Happy new year!

  7. LOVE your hair! That cut is perfection on you. I'm jealous. :P

    And that LV bag is so classy. I have a vintage LV bag that I treasure. It looks very similar.

  8. love short hair. it looks super cute on you! :D

  9. I'm all for the classics over the trendy. They always end up being the better purchases!

  10. I am with you Ashley. Classics are always cheaper in the long run.

  11. I used to go to Sassoon! I had a great stylist there.

  12. Love your hair! I wish I had sleek managable hair so I could keep them sorter, I love this hairstyle! Unfortunately the only VS haistyle that could work on me is the Mia Farrow one (from Rosemary's baby) and I din't know if I could handle it.
    I love classics and I always invest in good classic pieces rather than "fashion art" or trendy items that will be kept in storage if and when future generations decide to try them on Halloween!

    Cute earrings!


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