Jan 9, 2012

DIY: Burberry Inspired Ankle Bracelet

image via style.com
I saw this pair of espadrille the other day and fell in adoration with the concept from Burberry. As I design jewelry, I decided to make something that is slightly more versatile than this stylish wedge. Wouldn't it be cute in the summer with a pair of snazzy shorts with fitted tee. Sigh.....
 I used turquoise color stones and Swarovski pearls. These are readily available in any craft stores.
Instead of 5 strands, I made 3 strands, thinking I can double up or keep it simple depending on the outfit. String beads and attach to a jump ring to finish. Open jump ring and attach to a gold color chain. Length will depending on your own ankle circumference and how you like the fit.
Single 3 strand is more simple.
Doubled up with two 3-strand ankle bracelet. It is more substantial and dramatic but slightly heavier as well.
I added to my brown espadrilles.
Double bracelets is really more dramatic. Which look do you like more, the single 3 strand or the double look?
When not accessorizing wedges and heels, these work perfectly as an arm candy by itself or doubled.


  1. Brilliant ideas and you adapt it well with your 3-string ankle candies!!!

    happy new year, btw.

    xo Rachel

  2. Amazing DIY, darling ~ love it!


  3. that's such a great idea!! I can't wait for spring so i can start wearing open toe shoes again haha

  4. Fun DIY idea! The ankle bracelets seem to look great with any pair of tan or brown sandals.

  5. I am lucky to be able to wear this even during winter. : )

  6. This is brilliant! I just popped into Burberry yesterday and was admiring all the gorgeous beading etc. Love this, I'm going to tweet it right now!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. This is awesome. I'm definitely going to try this !

  8. I'm loving the 5-strand! And such a fun DIY but...would you considering selling them? ;)

  9. Hi Samantha, I didn't think to sell these but if you really like them I am sure we can work something out. : )

    1. Most certainly I would love to have a pair, especially since I'm headed to South Beach soon...:) Email me with the details!

      Thanks, and Happy New Year!

    2. Hi Samantha,
      I don't have your email. You can write me at savvymode@gmail.com Did you want the 3 strands?

  10. What a cool idea... You are so crafty!! And they turned out so cute!


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