Jan 27, 2012

Blue Happiness

There is nothing more precious than being healthy. After being under the flu spell for one week, I was finally well enough to venture out of the house. When I got this cashmere sleeveless dress, I was ecstatic, but wore this piece only twice. Cost per wear is actually pretty high, which is really against my savvy principle of low cost per wear. Reason was I couldn't wear it by itself, like on the runway.  The dress is actually a deep V cut design down the front. The two scarf attachments are supposed to be worn on the back. Anyhoo, I discovered by chance a navy blue fitted top which paired perfectly well with the dress. Yay!!! Previously, I would wear it with a cream ruffle blouse or a denim jacket over the dress.
To complete the look, I wore the pair of boots I got recently. Throwing on a pair of boots makes the look more casual.  And, jewelry pieces from Angela M. Design on Shop Savvy Mode add a bit of sparkle to shine a gal's day. I am going to buy a few more of these fitted bodysuits as layering piece. They are truly perfect year round.

What I am Wearing: Chanel cashmere dress, Wolford bodysuit, Coach boots, Angela M. Design necklace and bracelet.


  1. You look great--nice save with the top underneath. And glad you're feeling better!!

  2. Comfy and chic at the same time! :)

  3. The dress looks gorgeous.

    You look good on it, so chic.

  4. I love this dress on you, very stylish and chic.

  5. Very chic look, darling!


  6. gorgeous!! the blue sweater dress is very chic on you!

  7. Adore the sweater dress! I actually didn't realize it had a deep V cut at first :P

  8. Glad to hear u are feeling better. The flu is no joke.
    Great Outfit

  9. Glad you recovered from the flu, I'm a little sick myself.
    Very nice dress and totally savvy the way you added the top and styled the scarf! Blue is my favorite color and I would wear this dress day and day out!

    Love your bracelet!!!

  10. that's a gorgeous sweater dress. glad you're feeling better.


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