Aug 31, 2011

Ready for Fall: Chanel Metallic Nail Color

It is so hard to believe but fall is just around the corner. Anyhoo, I can always count on Chanel to entice me with interesting nail color.I don't think quartz will look that great on me but I love to try peridot and graphite. I will add a layer of sparkle over the color. What color will you want to try???

image courtesy of

Aug 29, 2011

Daytime Outfits with Rachel Zoe: Collection Part One

I really like Rachel Zoe as a stylist and her collection is quite amazing. I thought to share this so we can all be as fabulous as these models.
 I will be sporting a cream color Chanel inpired jacket with black shorts this fall.
Sporty and chic. Similar pieces in my wardrobe will totally come in handy this coming winter. Looking forward.

 Adore this coat.
 I love this short ruffled leather jacket. It is the perfect topper for many looks.
 I am not a big jumper fan but this tux jumper is adorable.
 Cool and elegant in white.
Sleek fitted grey suit is perfect year round. I prefer grey over black suit any day. Adding a delicate layered necklace is perfect contrast for this suit.
Casual chic with a loose top and sleek trouser. Great for the office and dinner out.

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Aug 26, 2011

How To: Apply Faux Lashes with Ease

I wished I learned to apply faux lashes earlier to avoid much discomfort and frustration. After attending a lash party, I now apply falsies with ease and they do make a difference in how a gal look. If a gal eyes are the doorway into her soul then pretty lashes will sure make the doorway extra noticeable and pretty.

This is what I have learn to make applying faux lashes easier:
1. Apply eyeliner prior to adding faux lashes. This way even if faux lashes are not placed exactly, no one can really tell anyway.
2. Make sure faux lashes are appropriately trimmed on the end to fit the width of eyes. I made sure my falsies are slightly shorter than width of my eyes to avoid downward dragging appearance of eyes.
3. Find good glue. I like eyelash glue by PA, a Japanese company. I think the company is called Dear Laura. I found these at a Japanese supermarket.
4. If apply correctly, falsies should not be uncomfortable at all. When applying lashes, do not start at the very beginning of the eye. That is what I thought I needed to do before. I am now applying the beginning of lashes at the start of white line. (see 1) The purpose is to avoid getting falsies getting caught in the crease, which is really uncomfortable.
5. For younger women, apply falsies along the lash line. For more mature gals, falsie end should tilt a little upward to give the eye an appearance of a lift. (see 2)
6. At the end of the night, do not tear falsies off without prepping first. Applying makeup remover on a cotton pad and apply over falsies until you can gently take them off without much effort. Clean falsies and store in original storage until next use.

What else do you do to make applying faux lashes easier??

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Aug 23, 2011

Favorite Japanese Royce Chocolate

I was first introduced to Royce Chocolate by a friend in Taiwan. She gave me a box after a trip to Japan. Ever since then, I will harass any friend visiting Japan to bring me back these little treats. Royce was first introduced in Sapporo, Japan in 1983. Unlike other chocolate I had before, this chocolate is not hard, like  mix between chocolate ganache and chocolate truffle. I can't say it is soft but I can pick up a piece by sticking a plastic fork through it. A gal can easily chomp through a box by accident.
My favorite way of eating this is to put the box in the freezer and just let the piece melt in my mouth. Hm.... yum. My friend got me this from Narita Airport in Japan. This is definitely a savvy little gift to give to family and friends. Have you tried Royce Chocolate before??

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Aug 19, 2011

How To: Shaping the Perfect Eyebrow

The other day I had an opportunity to have a one-on-one with a makeup artist. Although this may sound rather shallow or as Savvy Sis and I call it, "deep as puddle", right makeup can sure make a lot of difference. If a face is compared to a painting, then properly styled eyebrow is the frame that complements the canvas. Prior, I styled and filled in according to what I perceived pleasant looking. However, I am happy to learn there is a general formula to art of brow.

General rules:
1. Beginning of brow: draw a straight line up from the edge of nose wing
2. Arch: draw a diagonal line from edge of nose wing to outer edge of iris
3. End of brow: draw a diagonal line from edge of nose wing to the outer edge of eye
4. Round face will look better with eyebrow with more pronounce arch to elongate the face
5. Longer face will look better with eyebrow with more rounded arch

I had lots of fun learning about my own eyebrow and how to shape to a more balanced face. These are the general rule but every gal's face will differ so adjust these rules to fit your need and have fun!

On the side note, I am pretty excited Anastasia Beverly Hills is sending me an eyebrow kit to test. Anastasia has long been the eye and brow expert for celebs such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah as well as up-and-comers like Diana Agron, Selena Gomez and Kristen Cavalari. I can't wait to try the beauty set so I can have stylish eyebrow like these gals. While I am waiting, I thought everyone will enjoy this short video about shaping the perfect brow. 

"Beauty Express" brow-kit instructional video from Anastasia Beverly Hills on Vimeo.

Aug 18, 2011

Savvy Hair Find: Dust Your Way to Style & Volume

A while ago, my hair stylist introduced me to Schwarzkopf hair powder which gave me volume and great hold. Well, the salon no longer carried this product and I was having some issue paying $23 (packaged in red) for a little bottle of hair powder anyway, even if it worked well. Anyhoo, while at CVS, I found the same powder (packaged in blue), by the same company for only $6.95. The volume of both bottles is the same at .35 ounce. Packaging is different but product is the same, at least when I use this, I can't tell the difference. 

To be honest, I adore this product because I have short hair now and this will make my life so much easier in the morning. Just dust a little powder at the root, style, and in no time (or about 30 seconds), I am ready to go.  Seriously, my hair literally will remain the same after I am done styling. The only draw back with this powder is I need to shampoo my hair twice to really clean my hair. Well, nothing is perfect and I am willing to live shampooing twice. Several gal pals have used this and loved it. 
Have you tried hair powder before and what is your take?

Aug 17, 2011

Making of A White Room

When I first started "Operation Bedroom Makeover", I thought I just needed a couple sets of white sheet, a brand new white duvet and perhaps one or two new decorative pillows in white. Well, my little makeover may potentially become an overhaul with new pieces of bedroom furniture.
After looking at so many stylish rooms, I am more convinced I like color white, although I will add texture and some color accents.
I am very tempted to move my headboard against the window, and buy new white linen curtains to create a waterfall of fabric as background accent.
As much as I adore white, I want to avoid overdoing white. I want my room to be cool and calm, not cold. 
Although I wan to avoid buying new furniture, I would love to have a new white side table and a white dresser. My current furniture pieces are white washed so I can either DIY and paint all the pieces white OR buy a couple new pieces, which is a lot faster.
White furniture with polish handles are just SO stylish and elegant. I like this tall storage chest and table lamp in white, available at K & Co, from the Kendall collection.
I will keep this lamp for sure. I got this couple years ago and just loved white frosted glass with polished chrome. It is my favorite place to display my favorite perfume bottles and a little pot of flowers. What about you, are you inspired by white? Or what is your bedroom inspiration?

Image: picture 1,2 via, picture 3,4 via, picture 5 via sponsor, picture 6, my lamp

Aug 15, 2011

Effortless Pearls

There are days when I am absolutely tapped out on what to wear in the morning. Of course it will also be one of those days which I need to look somewhat decently stylish. As I rummage through my closet, I found an asymmetrical top which I grew together with dark jeans for a dressier look.
On the way out the door, I threw on 3 strands of freshwater pearl necklaces as an after thought to completer my outfit. Pearls are almost my default accessory whenever I want a more polished look.
Although these heels are not the most comfortable, they are absolutely stylish to wear with my outfit. Thank goodness it is a sit down meeting. What about you, what is your default accessory when you are on the go yet style is still important?

What I am Wearing: Silver Versace top, dark Seven Jeans, Paris Hilton Senorita bow heels, and pearls by Savvy Mode.

Aug 12, 2011

Easy Garlic Edamame

Even though we all have super busy schedules, my good friends and I always manage to find time to get together to catch up. After all, it is important to take a step back from work and take time to unwind and relax. To make life easier for the hostess, we each will bring a dish to the little gathering. Since I love edamame, I decided to bring this easy appetizer for my pals. I flavored the Japanese favorite with garlic and soy sauce for added flavor and Japanese pepper for added kick. It is always a party favorite.

1 pound frozen edamame
2 tablespoon finely minced garlic
1 1/2 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 teaspoon Japanese red pepper (can omit if want to avoid spicy food)
1 teaspoon sugar
ground black pepper to taste

1. Cook edamame in boiling water for about 5-6 minute, until tender and drained
2. Heat olive oil and sesame oil in a pan, add garlic and saute until lightly golden (do not over cook garlic, else will become bitter)
3. Add soy sauce, sugar to pan and cook for about 30 second, incorporate all ingredients together
4. Add drained edamame and toss until coated
5. Sprinkle red pepper and black pepper over edamame, toss ensure even coating

If you don't have sesame oil, just use olive oil instead. I like to serve this warm, but it is good cold as well. Garlic and pepper flakes really do add a savory kick to this popular Japanese appetizer. Cooking and taste are relative in my opinion, feel free to play around with ingredients to suit your own taste bud. Have a happy weekend. Do you order edamame when you eat out at a Japanese or Asian fusion restaurant?

Aug 11, 2011

Hot Pink & Blue and Shorter Hair Still.....

After further debate, I decided to take my hair length a couple more inches shorter. At this rate, I will probably have a shaved head by the end of the year. Recently I have been trying to reorganize my closet to make clothes, shoes and bags more easily accessible in order to avoid double buying. Instead of shopping at the mall, it is a lot savvier to shop from my own closet.
For day to day wear, I am fairly casual but style is still important. I love to add color via a tank to wear underneath a jacket or a shirt. Since it is so hot, I opted for a ruffled shirt to ward off indoor air-conditioned coolness. Of course, adding a knotted long pearl necklace, casually looped in a knot embellished the outfit without going over the top.
These have been in my closet for a while, but I only wore them maybe once or twice in the last year. They are almost exactly like Valentino Bow heels, except a lot savvier in price. I got this pair from the maker of the shoes for product review. For those who followed me for a while, remembered that shoe giveaway? I had so much fun giving away 4 pairs of shoes. Available on Amazon under Paris Hilton Senorita. To be honest, these are very stylish but not the most comfortable heels in the world. I am hoping more padding in the front will prevent my feet from sliding forward, which will prevent my toes from being squeezed too snugly. Since these heels had pink sole, I decided to wear a pink tank top to complement the color, even if no one else can see the pairing. I am not usually a bright colored person but I like bright blue with hot pink.

What I am wearing: fuchsia Romeo & Juliet tank, cream ruffle Zara blouse, Seven Jeans, Paris Hilton Senorita heel, pearls by Savvy Mode
My friend introduced me to a new place. I love finding new places to try out good eats. It is called Brodard Chateau in Garden Grove. I am loving Vietnamese dishes recently because the entree is well balanced with lots of veggie and greens.
 Yummmm..... spring roll with grilled shrimp and lots of veggies
Stew beef meat balls with greens and rice noodle. Healthy and delicious....
What about you, do you like bright color combination??

Aug 10, 2011

Denim Trend: Colors of the Rainbow & How to Wear Colored Jeans

For many months now, I have entertained the idea of color denims. While visiting Asia last year, I saw many gal pals wearing color denims, which is very different from my usual various shades of blue. When I came back home, I found my choices were rather limiting. That is until recent months, I am seeing more denims in colors. Of course now that I have choices, I am now thinking how do I wear color denims? What about you, what type of tops will you wear with colored denim?

Well, a gal can always wear color denim with a black or a white top. (as shown in the image above, courtesy of neiman marcus) But, we should have some fun and there are so many choices. Ways to wear color denim jeans are limitless. How will I wear color jean.....
I like the fitted tee or tank in white, black and colors..... ---James Perse long racer back tank $55 via
I like multi-color and print top to complement color jeans. A gal can pick one contrasting or complementary color from the top to pair with color of the bottom.... ---Clover Canyon multi-print $156 via
 I like bold floral print. ---Milly Mikkel floral print $255 via
I absolutely adore black and white vertical striped top to wear with any colored denim or bottom. ---Soft Joie $108 via
Since color block is trend du jour, I will play with color block tops in both contrasting or complementary color to colored denim. ---Pleione color block top  $39 via
Last but not least, I love to play with interesting designs. This top will go with any colored denim. From the front, the style is simple but the back is anything but boring.  Totally stylsih..... --- Chiffon Bow Tie $148 via

Aug 9, 2011

Magic Dress: One Dress, Multiple Functions....

I really love the fact that I have many entrepreneurial girl friends. They are my inspiration whenever I need an extra serving of motivation. I visited a friend at her showroom the other day so I could play dress up. Initially I didn't believe her when she told me one dress can do so much but after I had my play date with these lovelies, I wanted to take a couple home with me. I had one of my no makeup and bad hair day so please excuse my all natural look. And ignore the shoes.....
In the showroom I saw a picture of Princess Kate wearing this dress in a different color. I love this dress with layers of pearls. I showed gal pal my pearl collections from my website and she loved this one. I must say I do feel quite glamorous wearing this floor length dress.
This dress can be worn 30+ ways and it is one size fits all. (see here for styles and colors) I will say the number of ways to wear this dress is really only limited by a gal's imagination. So with one dress, friends and family members can share to reduce cost per wear. This dress also comes with a matching color tube top for those who desire more coverage. How savvy is this, right?!
I am not normally crazy about slinky jersey material but somehow this material and style just work like red wine and chocolate.
I am recommending this dress for a gal pal's wedding next year. With this dress, her bridesmaids can wear the dress according to their comfort level, there is no need to worry about size and still maintain wedding's color theme. According to product info, this dress is maternity friendly too. Snazzy!!!

*In case anyone is interested in this dress, gal pal offered discount for Savvy Mode readers. You all are considered to be my friends and family. ~Smile. Just write me and I will see what I am do. The dress is about $270.

Aug 8, 2011

Comfort Food @ Tokyo Table Irvine

Since I have been slacking in the exercise department recently, I decided I should have light meals over the weekend. One of my favorite places for a quick light meal is Tokyo Table in Irvine. If you are looking for traditional Japanese food, this is not the place. It is more of a fusion restaurant. The place is very clean, service is prompt and courtesy, and food is good and not too pricey. Well, I don't know about you but I can't order rationally when I am hungry.We ended up ordering a bunch of dishes because I was hungry enough to eat a horse. Well my "horse" of an appetite was actually size of a miniature pony instead.....
Handmade tofu salad with crispy wanton, and dried seaweed, served with sesame dressing over a bed of green.
Fried chicken pieces with spicy mayo sauce.
Lobster dynamite. It is pieces of lobster in mayo and roe (fish egg) sauce, baked over California roll.
I love stir-fried udon with seafood.
To finish the meal, I ordered mochi (rice ball in white) in red bean soup with green tea ice cream. So do you order rationally when hunger strikes? Or like me, you want to order everything on the menu?