Dec 7, 2011

Casual Fur....

As I am a pretty casual person when it comes to fashion and style, I also wear fur this way, effortless and casual. Honestly, if I am to wear this fur stole wrapped around my shoulder, I will instantly become slightly matronly and too formal. Instead, I tossed it casually on my person like a vest to go with my casual blue outfit.
To finished, I wore my grey UGG boots, Since I am slightly bulky on top, I figured I can balance the look with bulk UGG boots on the bottom. Of course, I finished the outfit off with a new pair of earrings from my collection and my all purpose Swarovski stretch bracelet. How do you wear fur casually??


  1. I love this vest with the shorts. It looks cozy, but very forward.


  2. I am jealous! What a lovely vest! :)

  3. i absolutely love that vest!

  4. You look so pretty in this! I guess my way of wearing fur casually is just wearing it with simple not too high heeled wedge boots instead of stiletto high heels or booties with gold tone hardware lol

  5. HaHa! It looks great! Loving the blue underneath. I love fur. :D

  6. omg I LOVE this outfit!


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