Nov 10, 2011

Searching for Classic Black Tall Flat Boots.....

For a while now I have been searching for a pair of classic black flat boots.  The problem is boots are hard to find because comfort is sooooo important. Problems I have encountered are sides cutting into my ankle bone, lack of snug fit around my calves, and the outrageous price when I find something fairly to my liking. Darn!!!! I want flat boots because I want to wear these with comfy sweaters, and jeans. Besides I have several pairs of short boots with high heels already.

-right Tory Burch Aaden Boots $495
-left MK by Michael Kor Hamilton Riding Boots $249--- Love the price but will need to try on for comfort test.
-right Salvatore Ferragamo Fersea Boots $695
-left Alberto Fermani Boots $575
-right Ralph Lauren Seleste $995
-left Prada Tall Leather Boots $750 --- Savvy Sis has a pair but these look like Chinese kung-fu boots on me for some reason. Not savvy at all.....
-right Tods Nuovo Progetto Gomma Stivale Aderen Boots $995 --- I like these on me but hates the price. Oh shoe fairy.....
-left Jimmy Choo Ella $1095

What about you, have you gotten yourself a pair of snazzy boots this winter???

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  1. I really need a good pair of flat black boots.

  2. Gorgeous boots! Love the new look as well. I am digging the Prada Celeste boots.


  3. Love the Tod's but also hate the price like you. =( My second fave would be the Fermani's. Hope you find your pair! =)

  4. We hardly wear them in New Orleans, but I need to invest in some good ones! I love the Tods (buckle at the top is awesome). Hope you find ones you love! And that are comfy! That is so important!

  5. i seriously like all of them! i'd be a hard decision!

  6. I got the Wanted 'Lisbon.' It was at for $60. I love them so far.

  7. i've been thinking about investing in a pair of riding boots, but hate the price like you. hope you find your pair.

  8. Either of the boots in the first pic are the best to me b/c of the unique, yet subtle details. I own a pair of Hush Puppies and they are my go-to winter boot - flat leather boots are a great investment piece!

  9. Love all of your choices, but I like the Tods look the best.

  10. These boots are gorgeous! Tods for me too! Have a fabulous weekend, Kellie xx


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