Nov 14, 2011

My Heart Goes to Hermes Boots

Isn't this just the most annoying when boots of my dream are actually by Hermes. Sigh.... what happened to savvy price??? When it comes to classic styling, Hermes sure is leading the pack. Perhaps that is when this pair of black classic Hermes boots have my heart beating faster. I can totally see myself loving this style for years and years to come. Initially I thought the black pair will cost $2-3K but the Hermes Land turns out to be $1200, which is very high but similar to some of other tall boots. If that is the case, this pair should be one of the consideration. I know Shoe Fairy won't be helping with these because hell will freeze over before this pair go on sale uh..... What do you think of Hermes Land??

I like the mocha brown Hermes Jumping as well with Kelly strap but at $2250, I just can't.....
If I am ever looking for boots with heels then this pair will be perfect. Hermes Defile is also $2150, ouch!!!


  1. I totally understand! I love Hermes EVERYTHING!
    xo Josie

  2. Wow I can't believe how expensive they are!!

  3. These are all so gorgeous!


  4. They are all stunning!!!

    Happy Monday hun xx

  5. That's insane! They are gorgeous, but the price makes me gasp. :P

  6. absolutely beautiful boots... horrible price! ha!

  7. Oh my.. Hermes has done some incredible boots for this season.
    Both men and women.
    lee x

  8. Those boots are gush-worthy

    even drool-worthy...

    too bad too pricey ♥

  9. Ooh, what stunning boots - I LOVE both pairs! :)

  10. Omg'd these boots are too sharp! The prices are giving me a heart attack, but they are SO FINE! :D


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