Nov 3, 2011

My Favorite Mascara: Majolica Majorca

A few months ago, gal pal gave me this mascara claiming it to be the best ever. Since she is pretty particular, I believe her. After using it, I fell in adoration with it. After trying to find Majolica Majorca online, I find it is part of the Shiseido group. I am currently using My Lashes Extend Elegantly. It does not smudge at all, and gives me long long lashes. It is more of an  effort to remove at the end of the day, but I use Neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover without any issue.

I had  problem finding these mascaras here in the states, so I called my backup in Asia and got my stash to last me a while. Gal pal sent me different ones to try. So far I have tried:

*Lash Bone Black Fiber which builts thickness, length, and helps mascara to adhere better. It was weird initially to see black fibers in the mixture. Apparently it is supposed to fill in lashes this way.

*Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo gives me long lashes and no smudge. Who wants to look like a panda by 2 pm, right! Cute on a panda but not on us uh.... My lashes became long and remain soft.

*Lash Expander Frame Plus also give a gal long thick lashes. I really don't feel the difference between Gorgeous Wing and Expander Frame. I like the latter because the applicator has little brush to separate out lashes after application.

All in all, I love this brand for the long lashes and no smudge qualities. Several gal pals have tried and loved this brand. These are available in Asia. I am hoping to find them perhaps in Japanese stores here. Prices ain't too bad, about $11 each from Taiwan. These are retailing in Japan for about 1200 Yen.  Have you tried of this brand before? What is your favorite mascara brand??

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  1. Will have to buy one!


  2. This sounds like fantastic mascara!

  3. Sounds Fab! I wish they were here in the US. :( We have Shiseido! They make great stuff! :D

  4. ooooh! asia has all the good stuff! thanks for the review, next time i will try it once i go back. im using one from asia right now which is great but i cant remember the brand name..

  5. So hard to find a good mascara. I will ask my mom to bring me a few of these next time she visits from Taiwan. Thanks!

  6. I tried my share of mascaras and I really love these.

  7. my sis swears by this brand, but i have yet to try them, sometimes there's promo for them here in watson around rm40 :)

    xoxo elle

  8. Yes I have this mascara I stocked up on my last trip in Japan :) I got is for a very good price (900 yen each?) at Matsumoto kioshi, and it is one of my favorites, I love the extreme length it gives without clumping the lashes and it is very long lasting. Only bad thing it is a pain to remove.

  9. It is a pain to remove but I am willing to live with that pain given what the product is able to do for me. I really like Neutrogena makeup remove I mentioned above. I recommended to several friends and it worked for them too.

  10. It's available on Amazon. About double the price, I believe, but it's there. $.02 :)


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