Nov 21, 2011

Interesting Bathroom Ideas....

Whenever I am in Taiwan, I find many interesting things to eat, shop and apparently I can now add bathroom to the list. A department store in Taichung offers theme bathrooms to their guests to enjoy. Sometimes it is rather fun when I visit a place to find a very interesting for pretty restroom. A restroom may not seem all that important but it does make an impression. What do you think?

 This is my favorite bathroom. It will inspire me for future bathroom projects.

image credit: my friend sent me these images. I don't have the source. Please let me know if you are the owner so I can give credit.


  1. Man, people must spend a lot of time in their bathrooms!!

  2. Yes indeedy!!! LOL HAHAHAHA Thanks for posting these! So in the basketball one you REALLY CAN take a dunk/dump! :D I'm baddddddd! Great post girl!

  3. Whoa--I've never seen any so elaborate!


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