Nov 4, 2011

In Between Hair & Casual Volunteer Day

After my fun with short hair, I am feeling the pain of in between hair. Now I have to make an effort to manage my hair every morning. That is if I like to avoid bad hair day everyday from now until my new do. It is seriously a pain. What do you do for in between hair phase?
On the side note, I believe in giving back whenever I can. When the whole economy going down south and cutbacks in various schools, I started volunteering at an elementary school to read with first grade kids as a way to contribute. Since 6-year-old kids don't really care if I am in the latest trend, I think comfy and casual will suffice.  They care more that I read and interact with them.
With that being said, I still want to look somewhat put together for my own sake. I love to use accessories to make my outfit snazzy. My go-to stable is the Swarovski crystal bracelet from my collection. It just goes with everything.
Of course how can a casual look be complete without an large color tote to pop, right?! What about you, how do you think we can contribute daily, even if in a small way??

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  1. What's your ethnicity?

  2. First, I would like to applaud you on your volunteering. I think that is wonderful and very much needed. Secondly, I'm growing my hair out to. Had a bad haircut, so I'm making use with a lot of headbands (catch my posts next week). Thirdly, I love your top, bag and that bracelet. You are correct! It goes with everything and looks gorgeous. Have an awesome weekend.

  3. I usually go to the ponytail. Tragic.

  4. ah.... thanks everyone.

  5. In between phases can be tough but you still look great! I'm usually pinning my hair back and/or using hairbands. Love the cute and casual OOTD. So sweet of you to give back to the community. =D

  6. I understand the management issues with your hair, but have to say that I find it very cute at this length. Would you be willing to have fun with some side french-braiding or hair pins, and then post?

  7. me too is not in between hair (shoulder length, cant entire tie up) so im thinking of a fedora hat for the time being lol

    xoxo elle
    ps: kudos for your volunteering work!

  8. Just dropped to say hi and wish that you're fine.
    And is just so nice of you doing that volunteering work!



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