Nov 15, 2011

Shave Your Way to a Better Sweater & Removing Sweater Fuzz and Pilling

After a while, it is inevitable to see some pilling and fuzz on sweaters, regardless of the material. I must say those little fuzz balls drive me crazy. I like to see my sweaters pristine. Yes, I am just that picky. In the past I have always removed pilling and fuzz ball from nice cashmere and wool with a little pair of scissors but that is very time consuming. I don't find those electric remover very effective for me.

Last week over lunch, gal pal told me she removes sweater pilling and fuzz with a ladies' shaver. Okay, that sorta make sense to me. So being an adventurous gal myself, I tried the method on my favorite TSE cashmere cardigan and the result was fairly good. The sweater looked better than before. I still finished with a pair of little scissors but using a shaver truly was time saving. When you are doing this remember to put the sweater on a hard flat surface and pull material slightly taut while shaving that area. Have you tried this method before?

*Try this method on a less favorite sweater first. I had the sweater on me so just tried it but perhaps it was not the best idea. I would have been slightly upset if I were to ruin this favorite cardigan.


  1. How neat! I definitely have to try this. I have a clothes shaver, that I bought several years ago from like QVC. It works well, but this could save someone money! We all have shavers. Excellent idea! Happy Tuesday!

  2. I have a sweater shaver that works okay. Will try this out next time. I hate it when sweaters do that!

  3. Great tip. I too have a battery operated sweater shaver that does okay but not great. I will give this a try.

  4. Awesome tip! Thank you! Those electric ones never work for me either.


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