Oct 19, 2011

Natural Makeup: Step by Step

The other day a gal pal sent me a link to this video and I thought it would be fun to share with everyone. I love to learn new makeup technique which can help me in the morning. All in all, I don't know if I will actually spend the time to do everything unless it is for a special event but it is helpful to know what is possible.

I didn't use foundation like the video. I brushed this powder here all over my face, used Shu Uemura blush in orange, brown and black eyeliner by Stila, Pink Sugar lipstick by Chanel. I also used my favorite mascara which provides all day long lashes without any smudge under the eye. (Stay tune for the post) To finish, I used Guerlain bronzer around the perimeter of the face to make my face look slimmer.
For brow, I used Anastasia eyebrow kit which includes eye shadow.
I used the petite arch brow template as a guideline (see brow on left) and modify to suit my own need as I prefer to keep my brows slightly thicker. All in all, I took about 20 minute from start to finish which included 5 minute for moisturizer and sunblock routine. I usually allow 5 minutes for skincare to settle before applying other things, even if it is just powder, lipgloss and mascara. How long do you spend in the morning with makeup?

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  1. I know this make up artist, her videos are superb! Lovely soft brown eyes, really like this tutorial, I think it is excellent for everyday make up. I don't put on make up on a daily basis, only for events and when I feel particularly pale or tired. If I have to wear make up I will spend around 10-12 min on it - sans the time spend on skin care.

  2. That's great to know. I've been doing this for years. No make up make up ahaha and leaving the more strong looks for the special events.

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  3. It's a wonderful fresh, dewy look! I wish I could wear the bare minimal when it comes to makeup, but i need coverage. haha But i would prefer it this way. You look great!

  4. You have such beautiful skin. I have ginormous pores!

  5. @Lily: I like her tips. Although I won't be doing everything, it is still great to know.

    @Kristina: Ah... thank you for your kind words. : )

  6. So gorgeous, darling!
    I love using powder instead of foundation, too!


  7. Lovely~
    i do like the lipstick color as well!

  8. The more natural the make up is the longer it takes to recreate it :) You look great with this kind of a natural make up!

  9. Wow what a slick tutorial! That's a lot of steps, but I love the effect!

  10. Thanks for sharing--that was interesting. Nice result, but too time consuming for me.

  11. You did a beautiful job! My morning routine for work takes about 15 minutes, and I am full coverage. Foundation, powder, eyeshadow, mascara, bronzer, eyeliner, lipliner and lipstick!

  12. I confess, I forwarded this tutorial to a couple of coworkers today and we had a good laugh about it. As gorgeous as the model looks after all the makeup is applied, you have to admit it takes a lot of products and effort to get that "natural" look. It's hilarious how "natural" involves false lashes, then putting mascara on top of the false lashes.


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