Oct 5, 2011

Morning Cup of Nespresso Jo

Without my first cup of coffee in the morning, I am usually rendered ineffective. In fact, I am down right a B with an itch without my morning coffee. While shopping at Bloomingdales I had samples of Nespresso coffee at the kiosk. The other day, a friend offered me a cup of perfect capuchino after lunch. I was rather impressed with the Pixie model. At $249, it is not cheap but if I have a homemade capuchino everyday instead of buying out, this machine will practically pay for itself.
 Operation is rather easy. One just drops a capsule into the slot and voila, done!
There are many choices to fit one's taste bud.  This is a sample pack, it is nice to have this around for entertaining at home.
Ah.... perfect foam..... From what I could see, this step was a piece of cake. 
After two friends got this machine, I am now thinking wouldn't this make a perfect decoration in the kitchen for that perfect pop of color. Besides,  a good morning cup of coffee is priceless. Has anyone tried Nespresso machine?


  1. I think I gonna get myself a coffee now! :D

  2. I really like Nespresso! The only problem with buying a Nespresso machine is....you can only drink Nespresso. I like to try different brands every now and then...

    Camila Faria

  3. I've seen this at Crate & Barrel! I sampled the coffee too and it was amazingly delicious. And that's saying a lot because I don't like coffee!! I wish I had the money to purchase one of these. I would give it to my mom for Christmas! :)

  4. Ooh, I need this machine in my life - I LOVE the color! :)

  5. Wish I could afford Nespresso



  6. That is one cool machine!!! I want one!!!


  7. Great looking machine and in the end you'll save money! GET IT and ENJOY!
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  8. Oh wow it is worth for the pure entertainment value alone!!

  9. I love coffee, but my kitchen is soo tiny I wouldn't know where to put this.

  10. I don't own one myself, but I have tried teh coffee at friends' and yep, it IS good! I also love the colorful capsules - tehy're such great kicthen decoration, really! :)


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