Sep 20, 2011

New Soft Black: Gray

Over the year, my taste in clothing had evolved from lots of black to barely any black. Instead of black I find myself veering toward various shades of gray.  Sometimes cold winter days without the sun can be depressing already, I really don't need more black. For autumn, I am in adoration with long comfy cardigan. I got this cardigan from Ted Baker a while ago and love the soft drape of this piece.
From the back, there is this beautiful drape which the picture really doesn't do the style justice. I love the face that I can just throw this cardigan on and leave the house. In the upcoming months, I am looking to find me another long comfy gray cardigan to wrap myself in.....
 Alice + Olivia drape cardigan $330 via
 Gray cashmere open drape cardigan $248 via
 Autumn Cashmere Cardigan $290 via
DKNY Long Sleeve V neck cardigan $160 via


  1. I love all those! Grey is a great alternative for black, it still goes with everything but its not as depressing ;) (though I do love black)

  2. Gorgeous post!
    Loving all these cosy sweaters!


  3. Grey is amazing especially on those sweaters!

  4. I love Ted Baker.

  5. Gorgeous draping! I heart gray too and practically live in cardigans...hehe. *^_^*

  6. I love gray! I probably have 6 different gray cardigans, and would probably buy more. They are fabulous!

  7. seriously can't go wrong with grey!! I love your version of it.

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    Have a fabulous day!


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