Sep 15, 2011

Decor Dilemma: Accent, Pop of Color or Neutral

When it comes to furniture pieces, I believe in buying slowly to avoid mistakes. A couple of years ago, I decided to update my living room so I got me these pieces to begin the transformation. Well, I got busy and time just passed like that.
Last weekend, I went back to Room & Board to decide on side accent chairs. I found out that long sofa and a Corbusier lounge just do not offer enough seating when I entertain. Currently I am set on two armless chairs to streamline the look.
 My first inclination is to buy two beige or neutral color chair but prints may add interest to the space.
 Am I in this Blue and gray phase???
 Or a pop of color like orange, blue or green.....
 Green but still quite neutral....
Now I am veering back to beige and just use color pillows and throws to add pop of color. I can more easily change pillows than a pair of chairs. Decision, decision.... What do you think?

all images via Room & Board, except for the one with the blue nail color


  1. Pop of color all the way!


  2. I have a beige sofa and love the pop of color from a few pillows!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. i like the pop of color. if you're nervous about using a piece of furniture such as a chair, use pillows and decor for your color. you could use lamps or even paint some shelves for that extra color. ;)

  4. i actually prefer my hse to be black and wihte :P

  5. Color!!! But I'm weird. I hate to give advice on decorating. Everyone else seems to have so much more classier taste than me (like you, hehe). xo

  6. Our accent color right now is red, which I really like. In our new place, there is a living room and a family room. I am keeping our current stuff in the living room, but for the family room, we are planning on buying a red sectional. I think it will be awesome!

  7. I think if you're not sure about colors and you wanna keep it classic.. stick with beige and accessorize with colors like throw pillows or lamps and such! good luck!

  8. I love orange with neutrals in decor. It works great to counterbalance the beige and other neutrals, which are soothing. I love the jolt of energy it brings to a room.



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