Sep 13, 2011

Orange in the Air

Time just does not wait for anyone, it is amazing to me we are almost in the middle of September already. Before we know it, well wishes for the holiday will fill the air. Anyhoo, I have noticed for weeks shades of orange and mustard are everywhere. To update my wardrobe, I am adding a couple tops in orange, as mustard is not really a great color for moi. I got this orange cardigan at H&M last week for just under $20. It is a great piece to just throw on or have in the bag.
I also like to use accessories such as a piece of jewelry (from my handmade jewelry collection), a lovely scarf or a pair of snazzy shoes to update my wardrobe.
Mustard and orange at H & M....
I love pink and orange pairing at DKNY.
More shades of orange and mustard at Zara. Pink and orange pairing in bag as well.

I love to find me pieces in orange......
A pair of orange denim legging. (Rag & Bone $176 via
Silk DVF dress via $385. DVF is cute but any cute orange dress will be fine by me. I actually prefer washable in comfy cotton blend.
A snazzy tunic in orange. Milly orange stripe zebra print top via, sale $174.99
A comfy top to throw over my jeans..... Zara $49.90 via
What about you, do you feel in adoration with orange this season???


  1. Yes I adore orange this season. I'm looking for a bright one, not burnt orange, hopefully in a light non bulky version, I think Zara is the best bet.

  2. Great cardigan! I so need some more orange or mustard in my wardrobe

  3. I've never been much of an orange person, but I definitely love your outfit and the pieces that you posted up. It makes me want to look for orange pieces for fall now!

  4. Loving the orange cardi! : ) xx

  5. that orange looks great on you (^__^)

  6. Love your new orange cardigan with the pink shirt combo! It looks fab!


  7. Beautiful! I love orange for fall :)

  8. Hm, orange is such a pretty color. Perfect for fall. It's perfectly fine as long as you don't wear it with black.

  9. i like these color combos too! :) the orange and gray look is chic too.

  10. I love that orange cardi on you! And seriously, you MUST get those orange pants.
    xo Josie

  11. Such a cute outfit!


  12. I just bought an orange sofa, that´s how I love orange! :)

  13. I adore orange every season, as you know. :D You look lovely, darling. Miss you!!


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