Sep 30, 2011

Basement Renovation

Living in SoCal, basement is not common but the idea is definitely quite intriguing. Anyhoo, my brain began to wonder when a friend and I discussed basement ideas for his home. So what to do with a basement??? My immediate reaction is to turn a basement into an entertainment room with a small section for wine storage. Another friend has a movie room which will be pretty cool in the basement but that is rather restrictive because the room is literally only good for movie watching with a 200 inch screen and 4 captain leather chairs. A well planned space should be multi-functional as we the normal folks don't live in palatial size homes.  Another idea, which never even entered my head, is to turn a basement into income property if the said basement has a separate entrance. Renting out a basement apartment can certain bring in extra income without disturbing one's normal life and routine.  Guy pal said basement can be a great "man cave" with a well stocked bar and a pool table. For me, if I am remodeling a basement, the space will be simple, and comfortable, with a touch of flair.
 first two images via savvy supporter:

A perfect space for me will be a cross between these two basements, elegant charm with easy comfort. I love white furniture pieces but entertainment area should be low maintenance and more dirt resistant. I want  my guests to be comfortable.

collage by me, last two images via Room & Board

For a basement space, I will start with wood or stone floor for easy cleanup. For wall color, I would pick a soft neutral color to aid relaxation. For furniture, I like pieces that offer classic style which are timeless. Since it is a relaxing space, guests should be able to sit down, lie back, and stretch out their legs with a drink in their hands. I adore Noguchi table, but it is sorta iffy because I don't know if I want my guest to put their feet up on that glass table top. 
Now, this leather ottomans as a coffee table will be easy to maintain and offers additional seating for a cozy chat. There is so much potential for a well planned basement.  The possibilities are endless, only limited by one's imagination.  How will you utilize a basement?


  1. We've been thinking about this for a while. My husband wants a work space to do projects, then we need an entertainment area like you were describing, then a kitchenette, dinette, bathroom, and playspace, plus a storage room. Too bad we don't have room for all this!

  2. I'm actually about to get working on my own basement--thanks for the ideas!!

  3. love black and white decor!!!

  4. I love the B&W room set up. I am in the process of helping my sister (the interior decorator of the fam) spruce up my grandma's basement into a cool/retro play room for us all to hang in when we visit.

    These are great ideas.


  5. I am totally smitten with that black leather day bed!
    Gorgeous post, darling!


  6. Those are all great ideas! I wouldn't know which one to choose. At least you have options! Have a great weekend!
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  7. Love these room ideas! I would love my house to look like the second picture.

  8. A chic and easy-to-maintain-and-to-slouch-around basement sounds tempting. I like the first modern atmosphere. I'd invite gal pals for a girls night in, fix up some Cosmos, little salty finger food and marshmallows.

  9. We don't have one, but if we did I'd probably go with the man cave option so there would be a place for my husband's huge TV and all the other electronics he'd like lol.

  10. It's better to make the basement office,gym,hangout,study room,theatre rather making it as a bed room. If anyone is remodeling the basement then its better to contact with an expert to get best basement ideas.


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