Aug 5, 2011

Shoe Trend: Glitter & Sparkle

As I adore all things with a dash of bling and sparkle, I found myself attracted and repulsed by glitter and sparkle shoes this season. Although we may look at a person from head to toe, toe being the last thing, but it is the last look that will make an impression. With sparkles and glitter, a gal will sure make an impression.
-I am no sure about this pair of Miu Miu peep toe booties for fall. What do you think?
1. French Sole India Glitter Ballet Flats $163.77 via
2. Glitter and Patent Flats $149 via --- I adore this pair with jeans
3. Tom Glitter shoes $53.59 via
4. Jimmy Choo Glitter $465 via
5. Enzo Angiolini platform $94.95 via nordstrom
6. Steve Madden Scandall peep toe pump $99 via --- Reminds me of YSL platform, except a lot savvier in price.
7. Miu Miu glitter platform $630 via
My personal favorite is this pair of J Crew glitter flats in black and silver glitter. Available at J Crew for $135, not half bad. What about you, will your feet glitter and sparkle this fall???


  1. I've seen the Toms on a few different ladies and they look really good. I have a pair of JC glitter flats. Thumbs up on those :)

  2. i all these shoes! I just got some glittery ones, but I haven't figured out what to wear them with :)


  3. I think I need to get some sparkly ballet flats.

  4. I love the glittery flats! It can add such a nice sparkle to a outfit! :)

  5. Oh I like that last pair by J. Crew.

  6. You had me at sparkles :)

  7. I think less is more in this case, so I'd go with the glitter flats! I've seen a few people wearing them and it's a nice subtle way to get your glitter on!

  8. Love those Miu Mius. :)


  9. I don't know about those Miu Miu peep toe booties but I do like those J.Crew flats! :)

  10. I love a little sparkle in my life :) Pretty shoes!
    xx Marie

  11. GIVE ME those Miu Miu booties. Holy crappamoly, they are so perfect for me.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. I wonder if glitter can be a diy project...

  13. OMG I neeeeeed those Miu Mius!


  14. There's an older lady I know that has a pair of gold glitter Tom's. They looked so cute on her! Every time I see her she looks great, and the glitter shoes suit her upbeat personality! But I doubt I'll be wearing glitter shoes myself, but they can be very nice on other people.


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