Aug 3, 2011

PrepKitchen La Jolla

Last weekend, I drove down to San Diego for the day and enjoyed dinner at PrepKitchen in La Jolla. The place is not fancy; rather it is very quaint with its casual outdoor seating. However don't let this casual air stop you from giving the place a try. The food is delicious and very fresh, like gourmet comfort food. When our very nice and helpful server recommended pork chop at medium rare, I had some misgiving initially but it was juicy and full of flavor. From the tasting, I think I will try it next time.

Dish: pork chop with mango salsa, cream corn with watercress
I ordered sea bass with clam, and chorizo sausage. It was one of those few occasions which I finished the entire entree to the drop morsel. However I am thinking about that pork chop. Normally I am not a pork person but this dish may just change my mind. On a lazy Sunday, what is better than gourmet comfort food in a relaxing manner?


  1. I actually visited La Jolla once for beautiful! I wanted to instantly pack my bags and move there. But anyways, the food looks delish! I've never seen pork paired with mango salsa, but it sounds like an interesting combo!

  2. Now that's my kind of food!


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