Aug 2, 2011

Neutral Grey

For hot summer days, I will avoid black at all cost. Somehow black and summer just do not fit well at all. For a charity event I got dolled up in grey for the evening. I really do like the color grey, especially when it is in silk. In silk and grey combo, the effect is just luxurious with the color shimmering subtly, like wearing precious liquid metal on my person.
To completely my classic vintage look, I paired the dress with a pair of black Mary Jane and a small grey crystal evening bag. I must say I love my Chanel classic heels. They do last the test of time.
Gal pal and I got the same bag, except she got hers in clear crystals while I got the one with light grey crystals.
I love the grey for its subtle look. I will get more use out of this shade because bling effect is minimized, comparing to clear Swarovski crystals. For a stylish casual evening out, I would pair this clutch with jeans and a snazzy top. Of course, for a formal evening, this bag will just dazzle. I am still struggling with this clutch because Ms. Leiber obviously didn't take into account modern gals drive and have cell phones. It was rather difficult adding a lipstick in there. ~smile!
Of course last but not least, after I learned how to put on faux lashes, I gotten many compliments from friends and family. Gal pals have requested I teach them the art of putting on lashes without poking one's eyes out. I think it is time to host a lash party for my friends with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne.

What I am Wearing: tailored made dress in Shanghai, Chanel heels, Judith Leiber clutch


  1. You look so sophisticated! You must be a winter like me, I much prefer grey too! Sharon xx

  2. I don't like black and summer together too :) Although, if the weather outside is not summer-y at all, then the rule no longer applies!

  3. You look exquisite from head to toe! :)

  4. Definitely loving the shoes!


  5. you look great and the dress fits you really well!

  6. You look STUNNING in that dress. Wow!

  7. Fabulous clutch! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  8. Gorgeous clutch!



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