Aug 17, 2011

Making of A White Room

When I first started "Operation Bedroom Makeover", I thought I just needed a couple sets of white sheet, a brand new white duvet and perhaps one or two new decorative pillows in white. Well, my little makeover may potentially become an overhaul with new pieces of bedroom furniture.
After looking at so many stylish rooms, I am more convinced I like color white, although I will add texture and some color accents.
I am very tempted to move my headboard against the window, and buy new white linen curtains to create a waterfall of fabric as background accent.
As much as I adore white, I want to avoid overdoing white. I want my room to be cool and calm, not cold. 
Although I wan to avoid buying new furniture, I would love to have a new white side table and a white dresser. My current furniture pieces are white washed so I can either DIY and paint all the pieces white OR buy a couple new pieces, which is a lot faster.
White furniture with polish handles are just SO stylish and elegant. I like this tall storage chest and table lamp in white, available at K & Co, from the Kendall collection.
I will keep this lamp for sure. I got this couple years ago and just loved white frosted glass with polished chrome. It is my favorite place to display my favorite perfume bottles and a little pot of flowers. What about you, are you inspired by white? Or what is your bedroom inspiration?

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  1. beautiful inspiration. I am such a fan of white rooms. Hope you are doing well. xoxo, Naina

  2. I do like white. We have a lot of white in our room, but accented with red.

  3. Lovely inspirations.=)

  4. I love white spaces, the trick to it is different textures and different shades of white, if of course one wants the total white look. You can always break the "ice" with a touch of color, I'm a fan of pink and turquoise.

  5. I like the amount of fabrics used in the bedroom design in pic number 3!

  6. I like white and I love light shades of blue with it.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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