Aug 4, 2011

Faux Lash Party

Even though I have fairly long lashes and mascara usually does the job for me, I still wish I know how to put on falsies without poking my eyes out and getting glue in my eyes, which is not savvy at all. Of course the few times I was able to put faux lashes on myself without incident, the result often looked funny and lopsided. A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a lash party which I learned to put on falsies in matters of minutes. After talking to several pal gals, I found out I was not the only one struggling with faux lashes. I was asked to host a lash party to pass my learning to these eagerly waiting friends. The skill of adding faux lashes may seem shallow or as I call it "deep as puddle", but it is a technique many women wish they can perform with ease for those special events, regardless of their age, and profession. Although falsies may appear troublesome but these babies do may a gal's eyes look bigger with more dimension.
My stylish hostess showed us these falsies with lots of bling and volume. I don't think I will use these for everyday but for a special party, these sure will be snazzy.
One of the gals put on these falsies and she ended up looking like a doll.
Gal pal recommended these Japanese faux lashes for the ease of use. She said with other brands she needed to trim lashes to match the length of her eyes but these match perfectly. I will try to buy a couple set to try for myself and share my experience.  Anyhoo, do you use falsies everyday or only for special occasions?


  1. I only tried applying them myself once and the result wasn't so great... Firstly because the lashes were longer than I expected (it's one thing when you see them in their original packaging and a completely different thing once you out them on - I'm sure you've noticed that too! lol), and then secondly, one eye ended up looking really good and the second somehow ended up having less glue so the corner of the lash would get slightly off every now and then and I had to help it with my fingers fairly often for the fear of losing it lol I was happy to get back home after the party and to finally remove them! lol

  2. I have 3D eyelashes, but yours is definitely great too! :)


  3. I've done it once, and it was horrible. I'm really not great with hair and makeup things.

  4. It was a struggle for me, but now I learned the right method, it was not hard at all.

  5. I've started wearing them more often now, mostly when I go out. I agree, it's very tricky to get them even! Lots of girls I know wear them everyday as they have sparse Asian lashes, but that's too much hassle for me.


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