Aug 8, 2011

Comfort Food @ Tokyo Table Irvine

Since I have been slacking in the exercise department recently, I decided I should have light meals over the weekend. One of my favorite places for a quick light meal is Tokyo Table in Irvine. If you are looking for traditional Japanese food, this is not the place. It is more of a fusion restaurant. The place is very clean, service is prompt and courtesy, and food is good and not too pricey. Well, I don't know about you but I can't order rationally when I am hungry.We ended up ordering a bunch of dishes because I was hungry enough to eat a horse. Well my "horse" of an appetite was actually size of a miniature pony instead.....
Handmade tofu salad with crispy wanton, and dried seaweed, served with sesame dressing over a bed of green.
Fried chicken pieces with spicy mayo sauce.
Lobster dynamite. It is pieces of lobster in mayo and roe (fish egg) sauce, baked over California roll.
I love stir-fried udon with seafood.
To finish the meal, I ordered mochi (rice ball in white) in red bean soup with green tea ice cream. So do you order rationally when hunger strikes? Or like me, you want to order everything on the menu?


  1. It all looks delish! The udon and seafood in particular :)

  2. That lobster dynmaite explosion of deliciousness looks so good! Well, actually all that food looks great and I'm officially craving some udon.

    Rachael from The Vancouver Cliché

  3. The fried chicken with spicy mayo sounds divine!


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